Top 7 Gadgets Every Remote Worker Needs

Working from home is here to stay. Whether you plan to bug off to the beach to work as a digital nomad or just want to make your home office setup a little more comfortable and personalized, there’s a lot you can do with the right technical gadget.

Not only can you personalize your setup to optimize your productivity, but you can also have a little fun with color, styles, and even the gadgets you choose. Here are some of our top must-have tech essentials for people whose home offices are calling them to get to work.

1)  A Smart Port Solution

Anyone who’s bought a newer Mac has experienced their latest brand frustration- the swap to USB-C-only ports. Luckily, the latest evolution of the old-fashioned USB hub has everything you need to offset this frustration.

Multi-port adapter hubs will vastly expand the number of ports you have access to, allowing you to run three, four, or more devices from one native port. Additionally, you will find iterations with a variety of port and connection types. So you can add an ethernet or HDMI port, use the built-in card reader, and charge a mobile while still using a standard USB device too. Which setup is best for you will depend on your needs, but a great hub will vastly simplify your desktop setup.

2) Consider Multiple Monitors

guy using Multiple Monitors

While using split screens over several monitors was once the province of developers alone, it’s becoming the norm for many other professions, too. Without a well-sized and clear screen, it is easy to develop issues like eyestrain and headaches. The backlight of the screen doesn’t do much to help in this case, either, encouraging us to squint uncomfortably.

If you’d rather avoid a few wrinkles and make for a healthier and more productive workspace to boot, consider using a multi-monitor setup. This allows you to increase your ‘screen real estate, or how many side-by-side apps you have running at once. No more chasing through your alt-and-tab options to find the window you need.

Multiple monitors are particularly good for people who run multiple work programs or who want to keep their email, and team programs open in one area while working at their job in another. If you prefer a single-screen setup, consider buying an ultrawide monitor instead for some of the same benefits without the need to project to more than one monitor.

3) An Ergonomic, Adjustable Mouse

You may not immediately think of a gaming mouse for your work setup, but despite the sometimes-flashy LEDs, they often make for a better choice for workers. Especially if you have the cash to spend on a customizable mouse you can size to suit your hands perfectly.

With a wealth of programmable buttons you can use for shortcuts, higher DPI, a mouse with a more responsive nature, ergonomic shaping, and a more pleasing weight in hand, will make your workday much more pleasant.

4) A Phone Station with Wireless Charging

Phone Station with Wireless Charging

Be honest. How many minutes a day do you waste trying to find your phone in the sea of other things on your desk? How many times have you missed a call because the battery was flat? Time to banish those woes for good. Plus, you can eliminate the charging cord from your setup, too.

A wireless docking station for your phone is super easy to use, and it will keep your phone ready to go at all times. Consider getting an upright design, so you can also quickly swipe to read messages and other small tasks without effort.

5) The Right Keyboard for the Job

If you’ve been laboring along using the keyboard on your laptop, we have news for you- the world is a better place for an external setup. While an integrated keyboard is great for quick note-taking on the run, it’s a small and cramped way to work day-to-day. Additionally, the keys are very vulnerable and can easily become damaged or simply spongey in response, dragging down the look and value of your laptop.

If you’re going to use an external keyboard, you want to look for one shape to offer you solid support as you type. It’s worth splurging a little on a mechanical keyboard as they are more robust, and you can actually replace keycaps as you need to.

6) Wireless Peripherals and Cable Management Tools

Ok, we cheated a little here. This isn’t a gadget but rather a class of gadgets to consider. To cut down on cord clutter and make your home setup neater, easier to use, and less of an eyesore, go wireless when possible. For some job tasks, a wireless mouse or keyboard may not cut the mustard, but you can get a whole host of the things you use daily- including printers- away from cables to clear up the clutter.

For everything else, look at any of the cable management tools available on the market and find a solution that works for your setup. You will thank us, we promise!

7) A Gaming or Streaming Webcam

This is another instance where something not labeled for work can bring you a host of benefits on the job. Sure, you can get by with whatever is integrated into your laptop setup, but it isn’t the best picture quality you’ll ever experience. And remember- just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t want to make a good impression.

Little things- from HD video quality to autofocus and picture adjustment based on the ambient lighting- will help present high-quality video that is crisp and clear. Additionally, you can better position the camera and ensure you present a professional face in every meeting.

Each of these fun gadgets for remote workers will make your working day simpler and easier, help you put your best foot forward at work, and ensure that you can be productive and happy no matter what your home office setup looks like or what you do for a living.

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