3 Best Mushrooms to Boost Energy and Performance

In today’s world people are expected to constantly hustle and grind; thus, balancing their work and personal lives has become a dreadful task. Thus, survival in this fast world has resulted in excessive stress, fatigue, low energy, low libido, reduced brain health, depression and anxiety, and more.

Therefore, it has become important to incorporate adaptogenic and Jing superfoods, like medicinal mushrooms into your daily regimen to replenish your energy and to promote relaxation, alertness, and nourishment to your organs.

Here are the three best superfood mushrooms you should include in your daily diet to boost your energy, physical performance, and libido.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Typically found in high altitudes, the Cordyceps mushrooms are highly revered in Asia for thousands of years to naturally boost physical performance and energy levels. They have the ability to increase lung capacity for oxygen intake and lower heart rate. Therefore, they are highly beneficial for athletes who are aiming to enhance their endurance, as they slow down the onset of exercise-induced fatigue.

These medicinal mushrooms are also known to have been extensively used in ancient Asia to combat fatigue and as an effective tonic for enhancing libido and sex drive. Studies have shown that they also help to keep your blood sugar levels in control.

So, the next time you think of a double espresso to get an energy boost, remind yourself to add Cordyceps extract in any form you like to naturally increase your energy levels and sexual performance or before that heavy workout.

Reishi Mushrooms

If you are an athlete, you would know what regular and hard training can do to your nervous and immune systems. Therefore, if you are constantly on the run, it is highly recommended to incorporate Reishi extracts into your regular diet.

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum), hailed as the “king of the mushrooms,” have long been used in traditional medicine to boost immunity and the body’s flexibility. They’re also adaptogens which makes them the best fit for sportspeople who train hard every day.

This powerful medicinal mushroom has also been revered as the ‘magic mushroom of the bedroom’ for thousands of years and has long been linked to aphrodisiac properties. It is known to enhance both male and female fertility and boost their overall performance and sex lives.

Chaga Mushrooms

Like Cordyceps mushroom, Chaga mushrooms are also known to help maintain healthy levels of testosterone, along with boosting your energy levels and stamina. If you lack energy and your sex life suffering, then Chaga extracts are the best addition to your diet, as it can help restore vitality.

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