5 Common Men Behaviors After a Break-Up

Once you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, you will notice some changes in the way he acts. While some of those types of behavior are quite common, others might come as a surprise.

Either way, you should pay attention if you want to discover the real meaning behind them. Here are five of the most common behaviors in men after a break-up.

1. He seeks you out

If he still tries to contact you and wants to talk things over, chances are he regrets breaking up with you. Generally, this type of behavior occurs quite often. However, some cases can get extreme, and they can turn into unwanted pursuit behavior, or even worse –  stalking.

When you don’t have any intentions of getting back together and your ex does not accept “No!” for an answer and keeps pushing your boundaries, this could be a big red flag. It’s hard to know how things will play out in advance, but once you break up, you should be mindful of how forceful these attempts of reconnection on his part are.

2. He starts dating right away

Your ex-partner might have his specific way of handling emotions after a breakup involving dating someone new right away. Rebound dating is quite common practice, and he might find it reassuring for his self-esteem. It is hard to say how your ex-boyfriend feels deep down and whether he still wants to get back together with you. He might not even be sure of it himself. 

Finding someone new could simply be his way of dealing with his hurt feelings or ignoring them altogether. It usually takes some time before he can accept what’s really behind his impulsive dating tendencies towards another woman.

3. He isolates himself

After parting ways, your ex might simply want to be left alone for a while. He will probably need some time to process what has happened and where he stands now that he is no longer in a relationship. Your ex might find it beneficial to be left on his own and ponder what has gone wrong and how to move forward. 

Depending on how invested your ex was in the relationship, to begin with, the longer the time he might spend on his own. His choice also depends a lot on his nature and the type of personality he has. Even if he is thinking of you, your ex might be scared to face his feelings and is using this alone time to find ways of getting back together.

4. He relies on friends

A breakup can make your ex-boyfriend return to his group of friends in full force. It is quite common behavior, and it can provide him with a good boost of self-esteem and moral support having his male friends around him. His friends are his tribe or, simply put, his support system, and he will need them to get used to reentering a social life. 

Just because he is male does not mean your ex won’t have a hard time processing the breakup changes that follow. He will experience insecurity and having his close friends will help him get a better grip on what he wants to do next in his love life.

5. He drowns in work

After a breakup, you might find that your ex is spending more and more time working. Drowning in work might help him keep himself busy instead of thinking about your relationship. In reality, he might not be ready to face all the feelings and thoughts that come barging in after a significant life change. 

Work can often bring the perfect distraction from dwelling on other aspects of life. It is not the healthiest way to go about it, but your ex might find it easier than confronting things head-on.

Breakups can serve as very illuminating moments in your life. You may end up discovering aspects of your partner’s true nature that you never suspected before. Next time you find yourself in such a situation, remember these tips and think twice before judging the situation.

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