eSports Takes Off As Football Clubs Build Competitive Gaming Teams

eSports has steadily moved from being a niche sport in the pandemic to a reputable sector. Thanks to the interest of several stakeholders, it now has a valid stake, combining entertainment and competition.

Professional football clubs have also begun to offer their own teams, and this article will discuss its relevance.

The Rise of eSports in Recent Years

The evolution of online gaming and access to technology has been useful for eSports. While many traditional sports fizzled out at the rise of the pandemic, it became an actual force, cementing its role as an influential title everyone could wager on.

It was once regarded as a niche hobby, which only attracted the attention of a few hardcore home gamers.

The industry has become spectacular in recent years, with over 300 million people watching different titles across various countries. From raising only $194m in revenue in 2014, it now accounts for over $1 billion by 2022. Currently, eSports has become a mainstream event in many reputable online casinos and sportsbooks. There are various reasons for the building relevance of this particular entertainment sector.

Among them is the increasing access it provides to customers with a median income. Big streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube provide live matches, allowing anyone with a stable internet connection to share in the excitement for free. This has helped build a global community of eSports enthusiasts, providing development grounds.

Popular Games in the Football World

In the past, eSports was only available in some games, which change in popularity almost monthly. It includes titles that were deemed niche and developed for a particular demography.

It’s possible to find them among the top websites, including online casino Google Pay sites and other reputable payment methods.  However, universal sports, including football, are now finding their footing and attracting society the most.

Many titles appeal to all age grades and still provide in-depth excitement. Since the relevance of which platform to wager on is a top priority to access all games, several players depend on socanadian to offer insightful reviews.

Popular football clubs are now using these platforms to bridge the gap between fans and the diverse games, ensuring to reach all the right markets. Here are some popular options that appeal to the spectators:

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), developed by Riot Games, is an online top multiplayer battle arena. Since 2009 when it was released, it has gone ahead to provide unlimited entertainment to its fans.

From the tournaments and events of its champions, it registers an average of 115 million users monthly, with over 1.8 m active gamers on its servers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Also commonly known as CSGO, this game has only been around for a decade but has a community of over 35 million players. Thanks to its intuitive gameplay and top soundtrack, the “kill or be killed” mantra describes perfectly football’s basic mission and has earned it a top spot among fans. This game remains one of the most popular titles currently for eSports.

EA Sports FC

Next on our list is this famous title, which draws players and fans. While the collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA is ending, players can still benefit from the partnership’s immense benefits. Particular among them is this game, a top title that brings all the major leagues, including the Premier League, La LIGA, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.

Other popular eSports games are spread across different genres. This includes the multiplayer online battle modes, real-time strategy, or first-person shooter titles. However, this does not rule out sports-centered games, ideally from FIFA.

Football Club eSports Teams

There are different football teams that are actively involved with eSports. Thanks to the surging interest of fans, different clubs are trying to establish their influence in many eSports tournaments. Here is a review of some.

Manchester City

Current reigning Premier League champions, Man City, are no strangers to victory as they are looking to continue their winning streak. The club also takes this title seriously, with the establishment of a standard eSports team. They are the only club to have qualified for the FIFA eClub World Cup in 2019.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund also has a strong eSports team. It advanced at the 2021 eClub World Cup, fighting through Group B to become winners. However, they lost to Fnatic in the final round of 16.

AS Roma

Italian football giants AS Roma were also victorious in 2021 by qualifying for the eClub World Cup. Their journey is special, including how they played Fnatic in group stage games before defeating them in the round of 16. Although they had a good run, they were knocked out by Complexity in the semi-finals.

The Top eSports Orgs in 2023

“eSports organizations are the backbone of the competitive gaming scene, providing opportunities for players and fans alike.” – Joshua Cramer

When ranking the best eSports orgs for 2023, several metrics must be considered. Besides the performance, the rankings and fanbase also play big roles. However, their success in 10 top games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and other titles, are important. Top orgs include:

G2 Esports

Popularly known as G2, this team has been successful at various tournaments, including the Six Invitational, IEM Katowice, and the LEC Winter Playoffs. What makes them special is how they won all the titles in Rainbow Six, CS: GO, and League of Legends within two weeks. This will be the European giant’s first IEM Katowice, 6th invitational, and LEC title.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has been among the top ranks of the best eSports orgs for years. Although they have performed well in title challenges, there has also been a moment of drought. This includes finishing as runner-up in several tournaments. However, the team won the Major for the Call of Duty League in 2021. They have also won the ESL Pro League Season 17.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid has become the squad to beat with results for 2023. However, they are yet to win a major international title. It came close in Dota, finishing second place at the Lima Major to Gaimin Gladiators. Besides, its women’s VALORANT team has been spectacular, winning the first Game Changers Series in Brazil.

The Future of eSports in Football Clubs

One of the major features of the top eSports teams for football clubs is the amount of investment they have put in. Hence, 2023 sees more commitment to developing their teams, including financial endowment and brand building. The future of eSports looks promising, especially with more competition coming in.

Super clubs like PSG, Man City, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, etc., have all developed viable teams yet to compete professionally. We expect them to make advancements in the near future, bridging the gap between their fans and lovers of the brand.


eSports continues to remain a top sector for development. Its rising market worth is due to interest from different stakeholders and fans, with the introduction of new technologies. As it continues to grow, it projects that it will remain lucrative for investment, making it a powerhouse for entertainment and sports.

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