Essential Golf Tips for Beginners You Can’t Miss On

While for some, golf is easy to learn, for most, it’s challenging to master. Most golfers will tell you it’s the most frustrating but also rewarding sport created.

Golf can also be very daunting when starting out. There are many rules, pieces of equipment, jargon, and so on. There is so much golf equipment to choose from.

Beginners can be unsure which golf irons are suitable. This article aims to help those who have just set out on the path to learning golf or are considering taking up the sport.

Read on as we offer our Essential Golf Tips for Beginners.


It all starts here. The golf grip could be an in-depth article in itself. It’s best to start gripping the club in a way that feels natural. If a right-handed player, let the club shaft lie across your fingers in your left hand and close your hand.

2 knuckles should be visible. If less than two knuckles are showing, this will be viewed as a weak grip. A weak grip can lead to slicing the golf ball. If more than two knuckles, it’s considered a strong grip. It is potentially setting you up for a hook.

Bring your right hand in with your little finger resting on the index finger of your left hand. Your index finger and thumb on your right hand should make a “V,” which lines up with your right shoulder. Keep it light and relaxed, don’t grip the club too hard. Advanced players will want to consider upgrading their golf shaft as they get better with practice.

Stance & Takeaway

Weight should be evenly distributed in a good stance. The feet should be shoulder-width apart with a slight flex in your knees.

The back needs to be straight. If hitting a driver, your left heel should line up with the ball. As you move down through the clubs, take the ball back in your stance. Hitting a consistently good golf shot is about hip rotation.

When you start to take the club head away from the ball, think about rotation. A common error beginners make is trying to generate power with their arms. Power comes from hip rotation and striking through the golf ball.

With good rotation and careful attention to your golf swing plane, you can hit powerful and consistent drives every time you’re at the tee.

four beginner guys playing golf

Stay Relaxed

While it’s easier said than done, it’s essential to stay relaxed. Think 85% power when swinging the golf club. A slight pause at the top of your backswing can be helpful for beginners. Keep your head still when striking the golf ball.

We are all guilty of lifting our head, hoping to see a nice straight shot booming down the fairway. However, this can often lead to “topping” the ball and not getting a clean strike.


You’ve got the grip down. Nice and neutral without choking the life out of the club. Your stance and posture are solid (remember to alter the ball position in your stance depending on which club you are using).

The takeaway should be on a nice line with hip rotation in mind. Your swing should not be rushed. The aim is to strike through the ball with a nice tempo, don’t try and hit the ball too hard!

The next steps are practice. Get on the range or in the driving net and hit balls. Have your mental checklist: grip, stance, take away, tempo.

Work through the clubs keeping the same tempo with each swing. Practice a variety of shots. It’s not all about distance, so it’s important to practice your pitch shots from 60 yards and in.

Your chipping, bunker shots, and putting should not be neglected either. The short game in golf is where we make lower scores, so once comfortable, dedicate some time to this vital aspect of the game. Also, the bad weather is no longer an excuse for not practicing as there are golf simulators available for people who aspire to excel in this sport.

Wrapping Up

Golf can be a gratifying sport. Have fun getting out on the course. Don’t just focus on the game itself but being out in nature, drinking in great views and fresh air, good company, it’s all good medicine. Now more than ever, people are looking for a better life-work balance, and golf is one sport that can help with stress relief.

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