Finding Work as an Older Man: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

After reaching the age of 50, it can become more and more difficult to find new employment opportunities, but many people wish to keep working well into their sixties to make extra money and prevent feelings of boredom and isolation.

However, many companies are seeking to employ young, up and coming staff who are well-versed in the latest tech and trends. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re job hunting as an older man.

Know Your Rights

While companies may wish to hire younger staff, keep in mind that your qualifications, skills and experience should always be an employer’s primary concern. If you feel that you’re consistently being turned down for jobs based purely on your age, talking to age discrimination lawyers might help you to combat this.

Older workers might also see age discrimination in their workplace in the form of being treated as incompetent, turned down for promotions and overlooked due to their age. All of this can be combatted with the help of attorneys and should be addressed.

Fight the Stigma

Viewing anyone over the age of 50 as technologically impaired is a common misconception that some employers might have. You can fight this stigma by ensuring you’re up to date on tech and trends.

Engage on social media sites such as LinkedIn and provide a link to your profile on your CV – this can help give a good first impression of your tech-savvy nature. Also, ensure that you’re well-versed in common programmes and software in your field.

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It’s Who You Know

As someone who’s been in the workforce for longer, you probably have an extensive network built up of people you’ve worked with and for in your previous job positions. Use this to your advantage by getting in touch with them when you’re looking for jobs or even just a reference.

In business, everyone knows that it’s the people you know that matter almost more than anything else.

Badge of Honour

Being open about your age on your CV and in interviews could play in your favour. Rather than removing age-indicating information from your applications, showcase your age as a marker of your experience.

While some may turn away from an older candidate, many hiring employers will be pleased to work with someone with tonnes of experience and skills to share with their business and the rest of their team.

Consider Other Options

When you’re looking for new work and struggling, don’t limit yourself to what you’re used to. There are plenty of ways of earning money and finding success that you could consider.

Starting your own business or freelancing your skills could be a great way to try something new and bypass the issues that come along with applying for work as an older man. Another thing to consider is changing industries completely – upskilling yourself and starting over is an amazing way to find a new lease on life and revitalise your career.

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