Game Changing Trends For Brochure Designer

The brochure can be a great way to get the attention of the customers. A company can never go wrong with a brochure in hand. Brochures are an ideal way to communicate the product price and description at the same time.

A good brochure design can definitely bring a shine to the business, many companies often hire brochure designers and even work with a brochure design agency to get a good design for the brochure. So, let us look at some trends for the brochure design which you can never go wrong with.

Trends to try

1. Experiment with colors:

Decades before designers often feared experimenting with colors, but in today’s time brochure designers often experiment with vivid colors. Depending upon the product that the company sells brochures are often designed to match and product.

For example, if the brochure is for some kind of toy or product for kids then the brochure can include bright and vivid colors to represent the product. This attracts the attention of the individual for which the product is designed for. In the case of professional brochures, companies can also use sleek and dark designs.

Brochure Designer designing on his laptop with his hand on a drawing pad

2. 3D designs:

Is it possible? Definitely! 3D is not just limited to graphics and computer-based designs, they can also be implemented in the brochure. The designs are a great way to attract attention to the product. The product can be given in a 3D format so that the customer can easily imagine the design in a real look rather than just looking at a 2D image. This helps in visualizing the product more efficiently.

3. Trifold brochure:

This is one of the trending brochure designs used by several brochure design agency, whether you are designing a brochure for some product or just giving information out this kind of design can easily help create a good and spacious space. This makes the brochure look more sleek in design and not look crowded with information. The brochure also includes much more information than the traditional two-fold brochure and can have several pieces of information in a signal paper. Many companies have adopted this method to develop their brochure and they are always in trend.

4. Different texts:

One way to get the best out of your brochure is using different texts for different information. The main information of the brochure, that is the principal information, can be embedded in the brochure using bold text, while some normal and related information can be in normal and smaller texts.

The texts can also be experimented with in terms of aligning, the texts can be incorporated inside the brochure in slanting, straight, horizontal, vertical, piecewise format, and many other forms. This will keep the customers hooked with a lot of information and not just pictures of the product or the design.

5. Retro:

The retro look is the new in for many products, many companies have started using the retro style in the designs. They use a rustic look to the brochure that gives it an anachronistic look. Many people are attracted to this kind of design used to their aesthetic look, a product that is related to such a period, or any other product that depicts the old times can be effectively incorporated using the retro look. It is worth trying as it is getting a lot of hype in the market.

6. Geometric shapes:

Geometric shapes are a good representation of abstract work, geometric shapes in different sizes, colors, and boldness can help add a sleek look to the design. This helps in creating illusions of space within the brochure giving it a new embezzling look. The geometric shapes can have different depths to them looking at overlapped images. Abstract art is a great way of conveying the product story and geometric shapes can help create such a story for the user. The user can also interpret it in their ways and understand the underlying message of the product.

7. Minimalism:

Nothing is more attractive than simplicity, and still many like to keep it minimalistic. This is one of the best ways to depict your brochure, it includes apt information to the point pictures, beautiful context all arranged in a good and beautiful manner. This helps in creating a sleek look to the design.

The minimalist approach does not mean creating black and white content it rather means keeping it simple rather than extravagant. A simple design to the brochure and a good background pastel color with contrasting text is the best way to keep the brochure simple yet aesthetically beautiful.

8. Starting photos:

Well, these aren’t actually creepy and can actually be a good way to attract attention. This can include humans or animal figures looking right towards the person this creates empathy with the users creating a good impact with the user.

Brochures are a very traditional yet very effective way of conveying information. Even with the digitization brochures are like a huge hype gainer. They can easily attract one’s attention and give them a future reference to the product. So, if you are planning on designing a brochure use the above methods to create a good impact on the users with your new and interesting products.

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