5 Healthy Ways To Cook Fish You Wish You Knew Before

Fish is an excellent source of protein and healthy omega-fats that our body needs regularly to stay healthy and to maintain its nutrient requirements. The AHA or the American Heart Association alongside other national-level health organizations recommends that an average adult should consume at least two servings of fish every week. For people looking to follow this guideline, sites like Fish Me are a great resource for you to purchase fish from on a regular basis.

In addition to that, in order for the fish to maintain its nutrients, it should be prepared in a way that is healthy and nutritious. Individuals are recommended to stay aware of fattening ingredients to prepare fish such as butter, breading, and heavy sauces or toppings. Listed below are five healthiest way to cook fish that are easy, tasty, and nutritious:

1. Fish can be baked

Baking a fish is by far the easiest method of cooking it – simply line a baking tray, season the fish with some salt and pepper, add in some olive oil and you’d have your fish ready in about 15-20 minutes. Fish that are fatty in nature such as salmon don’t require much liquid or oil, however fish with a low-fat content tends to get dry if not cooked properly. You can try baking your fish with an herb and almond crust for extra flavor and crunch.

Grilled fish

2. Fish can be poached

Poaching a fish involves cooking it in a liquid that is merely on a simmer on the stove. In order to poach fish, one can use either water, some sort of broth, or wine. Poaching fish requires only 10 minutes and while the process is easy, the technique takes some time to master. A good point about poaching is that it doesn’t add any extra calories into your dish and the fish comes out soft and tender. You can also poach your fish in water and later or splatter it with some healthy sauce like a tomato basil reduction.

3. Fish can be made into a soup

If you have a slow cooker lying around that you barely use, now is the time to use it. Fish soup and fish stew are excellent dishes that can be cooked using a slow cooking method and are essentially low-fat techniques that are tasty and fulfilling. By cooking fish as a soup, you can either have it as an appetizer or as a light dinner accompanied with some whole-wheat bread or breadsticks. You can use vegetables as well to flavor your soup such as fennel, peas, and mushroom.

4. Fish can be sautéed

Fish that are low in fat is best cooked through this method as it ensures that the fish gets cooked quickly and that it doesn’t get dry. One can add olive oil to sauté their fish in a shallow pan on medium heat and it would be ready in about 6-7 minutes. One can also add a nut-based or bread-based light crust on their fish for some extra crunch and texture.

5. Fish can be grilled

Grilling is a great way to cook fish whether it is high or low in fats. For high-fat fish simply grill it on both sides while ensuring that the grill is non-stick and has a dash of oil on it. For fish that has low-fat content, cook it in foil packets to ensure that its liquids don’t dry up too fast.

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