How People With Disability Inclusion Can Help Your Business

Disability inclusion is something that every business can benefit from. People tend to think of those that require the use of a wheelchair when it comes to disability, but this also includes things like hearing loss which is a major issue in the States.

In fact, there are 14.6 million people in the USA with untreated, disabling hearing loss which costs the taxpayer $133 billion each year – this works out to around $9,100 per person with hearing loss. For comparison, the costs in the EU are around 185 billion Euros and around 8200 Euros per person.

Hearing Loss a Huge Issue

7% of adults live with disabling hearing loss but more than two-thirds are not treated. Hearing loss can obviously greatly impact people’s quality of life but it can also stop them from working, which of course has a big impact on society. There are many reasons why hearing loss is so prevalent, including increased noise exposure and an aging population. While hearing loss can be difficult to live with, it is still possible for those with this disability to find rewarding work and businesses should always look to disability inclusion in their recruitment strategy.

A man with Disability Inclusion

Educating Yourself

As a business owner, it is important to educate yourself on hearing loss, other disabilities, and what you can to help. Seeing an audiologist and hearing aids can be of great use for those with hearing loss and could be an option for those that are in stable employment, plus you will also find that there are a multitude of benefits to disability inclusion that could help to take your business forward while also helping out the disabled community and society as a whole.

Disabled Inclusion Benefits

One of the main benefits of disability inclusion is that you often benefit from greater retention and even improved productivity. A third of managers rate employees with disabilities as more dedicated and less likely to leave their job, which is something that every manager will find appealing. On top of this, you can also get access to a much larger and untapped talent pool when you embrace disability inclusion. You can also benefit from bringing new perspectives and ideas to the business and help to make your entire business more accessible for those with a wide range of disabilities.

Disability inclusion is hugely important in today’s day and age and can actually boost your business in many ways. This includes hiring those with hearing loss, which is a major issue in the USA and one that employers can impact through recruitment.

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