How To Make Custom Price Lists For Your Business

The best way to make buying something from your business quick and easy for your customers is to provide a customized, great-looking price list.

Good price lists make scanning your available products and services intuitive for your customers, which minimizes frustration and can make your prices seem more attractive.

Of course, bad-looking price lists can drive people away from your business and make bringing in revenue much harder. Today, let’s take a look at how to make custom price lists for your business that streamline purchases for your target audience.

Use an Eye-Catching Price List Template

To begin, look for an online price list template from tools like PosterMyWall. Using a price list template is a good idea because:

  • It’s a lot simpler than coming up with a full-on design and layout yourself, even if you have some experience in graphic design
  • You can easily pick and choose multiple different price list templates to compare against each other (which will be important for one of the steps below)
  • You’ll be able to see the full range of potential price list designs available, instead of being locked into whatever you can think of from scratch

Even better, tools like PosterMyWall allow you to make dozens, hundreds, or thousands of price lists depending on how many you need. In other words, using an online price list template to begin your customization is a great idea.

Plus, it’s just easier to make effective business signage out of an existing template than it is to come up with everything yourself from a blank sheet of paper!

Price Lists

Decide Where to Place the List

Once you have a general template or design chosen, you need to decide where you’ll place your price list. Common sense says that the list of the prices for products and services should be in the center of your price list or poster, but there are more options than this.

In fact, you can place your price list:

  • At the top or the bottom of the page, depending on whether or not you have a graphic or logo in the middle of the price list
  • Along the side; this can be a great way to make your price list seem just a little more high-class and sophisticated

However, no matter what, your prices need to be easily recognizable and readable from top to bottom or left to right. Don’t fall for basic traps like putting some of your prices above a picture in the middle and some of your prices below, either. All of your prices need to be together or in the same general area so that potential customers or subscribers can see everything you have to offer in a single, uninterrupted scan.

Choose Your List’s Format

Next, you should choose the format for your price list on your new poster, menu, or other price list document. For example, you can simply lay out the list with the name of the product or service and a dollar amount next to it. Or you can use a bullet list, which is excellent for inspiring your customers to look over what you have to offer and see how much your stuff costs.

A third option is to put your price list in a box chart format. For example, one column will have the list of the services you offer, while the next two or three columns will have the prices for those services based on specifications or add-ons (i.e., one column could have the price for a basic service, like a simple car wash, while another column could include the price for the basic service plus an extra service, like a wax job).

Pick the Right Font and Color

Of course, it’s imperative you pick the right font and color for your price lists. Good font and color will make your price list a joy to read, plus visually tie it to your branded materials.

Try to aim for warm, pleasing colors to the eyes like brown, white, blue, or yellow. Harsher and cooler colors can work, but keep in mind that your text font needs to be very readable over the background color of the page. For instance, if you have a dark blue background, the lettering should be bright white.

It’s also usually a good idea to opt for simple fonts, too. If you choose a complex, overly fancy font, your customers will take longer to read through your price list. The little things can make a big difference when someone is on the fence between making a purchase and walking away. Simple and easy-to-read fonts are almost always better than their alternatives. Plus, the font you choose can complement the aesthetic or style of your business!

All in all, a good custom price list template is just a few clicks away with PosterMyWall. Whip up a great design for your customers and you’ll reap the rewards like higher customer satisfaction and more frequent purchases in no time.

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