How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: Proven Signs

How to tell if a guy likes you?

Are you in this situation?

A love situation, a relationship situation, a crush situation, well, honestly I have your back.

Here are the top 20 weirdest kinds of most unexpected signs that your crush is into you.

I’m going to give you the 20 weirdest things that are going to make you say, “Oh, I never even noticed that.”

1. The way he talks to other girls

When he’s talking about other girls in your presence or when she’s talking about other guys in your presence, they always preface it by saying “my friend so and so” instead of just using that person’s name.

This is because your crush wants to make sure that you know that this person is not a romantic interest and someone that you do not need to be threatened by. If your crush does this, there’s a high probability that they’re crushing on you too.

2. They don’t yawn in your presence.

Yawning usually indicates boredom or a severe lack of interest. You might be thinking, what if my crush is like really, really tired, won’t they be yawning then?”

Guys even when we’re tired, the adrenaline of talking to someone that we like a lot is enough to jolt our system into being super alert, which makes yawning and relaxation highly unlikely.

3. There’s an awkward silence

A lot of us see awkward silence as being a bad thing but in crash-land, an awkward silence can be very, very good, because it’s happening. After all, that person is nervous.

If your crush didn’t like you at all there’s no way that they’d be nervous around you.

4. They never look at their phone

Most of us have a habit of checking our phones every once in a while, it’s only nnatural- we want to see what’s going on social media, checking our messages.

But if your crush likes you they will rarely look at their phone in your presence, they want to absorb every single minute with you, and they are not going to waste it looking at their phone.

So if your crush never has their nose buried in their phone, it’s because they’re probably trying to get quality face time with you.

5. They pay for something in full

In a reverse gender or sexuality situation, they allow you to pay for something in full. People who are interested in a romantic relationship like to maintain the rules of chivalry. It’s just a really clear demonstration of the intent behind whatever it is that you’re doing.

So if I rike someone I’m going to show them my intent by allowing them to pay for something. If I don’t like someone, there’s no way in heck. I’m not going to allow them to pay for my ice cream, my lunch, you name it – anything. I don’t want them to get the wrong idea.

6. They listen to a band, that you’ve mentioned that they’ve never heard of before.

For this one, they want to impress you but they also creepily want to get inside your head and want to get to know you a little bit better.

It is kind of creepy, but so, so true.

7. Never ask back the  borrowed things

ITheyencourage you to hang on to that item for as long as you need. If they encourage you to hang on to that little thing you borrowed, it’s usually because they want themselves at the forefront of your mind.

They want you to think of them every time you put on that sweater, read that book, or listen to that music. They don’t want to close the door by asking for that thing back.

8. Your crush might start to seem a little creepy

I mean, this is the best possible way. They might start turning up where you are, like in your post on social media, anything to kind of get a conversation going and to have something to talk about.

It can be hard to keep it cool when you have a crush on someone, so you can’t blame them for this one.

9. They’ve invited you to at least one group event.

Now just because someone hasn’t asked you out on a one-on-one date it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you guys.

Asking someone on a one-on-one date is really hard and super intimidating, so if they’re shy there’s a good chance that they’re going to go for the group approach first.

So if your crush has included you on any of their group invites, like to a movie, or to a party, or something like that, there’s a good chance they might be feeling the love.

10. They come up with a nickname for you

I don’t care what the nickname is. I don’t care if it’s a small fry, or bobber face, or the love of my life.

People don’t tease or even think about people that they don’t care about and that they don’t like, so any nickname in the history of man is a good sign.

11. They talk about themselves.

Do you know how a peacock flaunts its feathers?

When your crush likes you they’re going to feel the need to prove themselves to you. They’re going to want to tell you things that make themselves seem awesome, like how they got 99% on a test, or how they scored a goal in the game like it doesn’t matter.

They’re trying to make themselves seem awesome, there’s a good chance they like you too.

12. Grooming and personal-care

Pay close attention to whether your crush is showing things that demonstrate a bit of effort in your presence.

Things like wearing fresh lipstick or lip gloss, wearing cologne, or dressing rice for an event that isn’t even that fancy.

This is a huge indicator that the reason they did this is for you.

13. They comfort you

If something bad happens to you, your crush is not going to be happy about it, they’re going to feel sorry for you too, but they’re going to be the first one to be like, “Oh, are you okay? Do you need a hug? Come here. It’s okay.”

Trust me guys your crush will take that opportunity to comfort you and make you feel better if they’re crushing on you too.

14. Emoticons

I feel like emoticons are designed for good flirting.

If your crush uses a lot of emoticons during texting then there’s a good chance they’re trying to evoke emotion and make you smile.

15. They stutter, stutter, stutter

If your crush stutters when they’re talking to you, it’s probably because they’re nervous about messing up, they’re nervous about what they’re going to say, and they want to get it right for you.

16. Your crush puts down another guy or girl that kind of represents the competition in front of you

So if I’m talking to my crush and trying to be all cool and then another little blond

walks by, and I’m like, “Oh my god, she’s a threat,” I might instinctively put that other person down to demonstrate my value to my crush.

It’s not nice to put other people down but this is something that your crush might do if they feel threatened by someone else in their presence.

17. Your crush flirts with you more than with other people

Now flirting, in general, is a sign of attraction but sometimes people could just be flirty, so it’s hard to know if you stand out among all of the other people that they flirt with.

So pay close attention to the level of flirting that they’re doing with you versus what they’re doing with other people.

18. They use your actual name often

Instead of saying like, “Hey you,” or “Hey” or just not saying any name at all.

If your name is Melissa, they’re going to say, “Hey Melissa, can you grab me that pencil over there?” Or, “Hey Melissa, what was Mr. Anderson’s homework for last night?”.

They’re always going to want to use your name whenever possible, and this is subliminal for them too, so they’re not even going to realize that’s what we’re doing.

19. They observed other signs of chivalry

Like pulling out a chair for you, or opening the door, and this is because chivalry isn’t dead – we want to do nice things for the people that we like, and sometimes we do it without even realizing it.

20. They go out of their way for you

Here it, it could be for anything, whether it’s getting a bathroom pass, even if they don’t have to go to the bathroom because you know they want to talk to you too, sitting beside you on a bus, or coming to watch you at a performance or a sporting event.

If they do something they wouldn’t normally do just for the sake of seeing you or talking to you, it’s a good sign – your crush is crushing on you.

These are some of the ways using which you can tell if a guy likes you.

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