Interested In studying At Fredonia University? Everything You Should Know

Choosing the right college to continue your education is one of the most significant decisions almost every young adult has to make. There are a plethora of options available and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The State University of New York System (SUNY) is renowned worldwide for its diverse and high-quality universities.

In this article, we will be looking at one of the most revered colleges in the SUNY system, SUNY Fredonia. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

SUNY Fredonia History 101

Students at Fredonia University

In 1826 Fredonia residents created the first higher learning institution in the city, called the Fredonia Academy. Fredonia Academy became renowned for its teacher training program, and after World War I, when the country faced a teacher shortage, Fredonia stepped up to the plate.

The state of New York designated the school as Fredonia State Teachers College. In 1948 the State University of New York System, or SUNY, was enacted, and Fredonia became one of the colleges under its program.

SUNY Fredonia experienced incredible growth in all metrics during the twenty-first century, including overall enrollment, graduate enrollment, minority enrollment, and international enrollment.

SUNY Fredonia Facts To Know

  • SUNY Fredonia campus encompasses a 256-acre area in Fredonia’s Western New York city.
  • Last year’s total enrollment was 4,463.
  • Nine percent of students were African American.
  • Ten percent of students were Hispanic and Latino.
  • Two percent of students were Asian.
  • Two percent of students were international.
  • The average SAT score of enrolled students was between 1040-1220.
  • The cost for tuition and expenses for undergraduate students was 11,145 dollars.
  • SUNY Fredonia awards twenty-two million dollars a year in grants and scholarships.
  • Of those over four million are awarded in merit.
  • Ninety percent of students at SUNY Fredonia receive financially
  • The average class size at SUNY Fredonia is 22.
  • Over one-sixth of SUNY Fredonia, students will study abroad.

Touring SUNY Fredonia

If you are interested in touring SUNY Fredonia before applying, it’s crucial you set up an on-campus tour to get a feel for the school. The tour will consist of a thirty-minute information session with a counselor about the application process, available scholarships, and other important information. Then you will be given a tour of the campus. Your guide for the campus tour will be a current student.

If you are traveling from far distances to visit the campus, there are plenty of incredible hotel and dining areas by the beautiful Lake Erie. Additionally, the area is renowned for its museums and wineries to entertain you and your parents.

For The Best College Education and Experience Choose SUNY Fredonia

The right college can not only further your education but also help you grow as a person. At SUNY Fredonia you get access to top-of-the-line educational resources and access to an incredibly diverse and progressive culture. On top of that, the sprawling campus grounds and its vicinity to Lake Erie make it a great campus to live in.

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