Is The Psychic Medium Real? The Differences Between It And A Seer!

Surely more than once you have heard of mediums and psychics but did you know that they are not exactly the same? Both are people who have a gift that allows them to connect more with that energetic part of our world and that is invisible before our eyes. However, there are some important differences that are worth knowing. For this reason, in this article, we discover the differences between a medium and a psychic so that you can know the most important ones. At the end of this article we will answer a classic question; are psychic mediums real? Are you curious? Just keep reading!

The differences between a medium and a seer you need to know

In order to understand the differences between a medium and a seer, it is important that we stop to analyze the characteristics of each of these people who work with an altered state of consciousness. In general, a sighted person is one who is able to see the future, to know the past, and to give us the tools to solve the present. If you are looking for a good psychic you can call these phone numbers and you will find professional and serious psychics that will help you guide your life.

These qualities of clairvoyance can be carried out thanks to different tools that help you connect with energies: tarot cards, crystal balls, or the astrological study of the person who makes the consultation. The psychics will help the people who come to them to be able to project the future and, therefore, they will guide them to make decisions in their day-to-day life.

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Seers are generally people with great intuition. They are able to know the person in front of them in a much faster and more immediate way than others because they perceive that other information, that invisible energy that surrounds people. Therefore, it is considered that sighted people have an extrasensory perception that allows them to know the future thanks to the opening of different spiritual channels.

All of this is possible thanks to the energies they receive from both people, places, emotions, and so on. Seers can read and interpret the energy flows of people and, in this way, be able to know their past, their present and give them tools to build their future in a positive and satisfactory way. Therefore, they use senses that go beyond the 5 human senses, many speak of a “sixth sense”, however, they are extrasensory senses that allow them to go beyond the merely material.

What is a medium?

To better understand the differences between a medium and a seer, we are now going to talk about mediums so that you can find out what people who have this gift consist of. In general, the medium is that person who is able to contact the spirits or energies that no longer live on our earth plane or in our temporal space.

Types of mediums

There are two types of mediums that are worth knowing:

Those who contact deceased people: this contact is usually made because a family member or friend requests this connection.

Those who contact beings from beyond: in these cases, mediums do not contact human spirits but, rather, with evil or demonic spirits. This type is often used by people with bad intentions, for example committing evil deeds to others, committing certain cheating, and so on.

Characteristics of mediums

Therefore, when we speak of a medium we are referring to a type of person who has the gift of communicating with spirits that do not live in our environment and that, for the vast majority of us, are not visible or can be perceived by any of our human senses. When a medium indicates that he is also clairvoyant, what he is specifying is that, in addition to contacting the spirits, he can also see them.

The medium is able to communicate with beings from the beyond thanks to energy channeling, therefore, her own body acts as if it were an intermediary between the earthly and spiritual world. It is important to note that mediums are seers, that is, they can also use the instruments that we have mentioned above (letters, crystal ball, etc.) to be able to know the future of people. But seers are NOT mediums, in fact, there are very few mediums who really are.

People who have the gift of the medium can hear thoughts, voices and feel the presence of other beings that are not part of our reality. In addition, they can feel the higher energetic frequencies where the spirits vibrate and, therefore, their contact with that “other” reality is feasible.

Their presence does not activate the presence of spirits but, simply, they can connect with the spirits that are already here but that for most of us are not perceptible.

The 3 main differences between a medium and a psychic

After all that has been discussed, it is time to concretely analyze the differences between a medium and a seer. Here we leave you a list with the most different points among people with these gifts:

– The seers will help you to know your past, your present, and your future; the medium, in addition to this, can also connect you with people who have already died

– A seer needs tools to help you know your future; instead, a medium feels the energies in his own skin, he himself is the tool to connect with the afterlife

– A medium is always also a seer; a seer is not a medium, in fact, there are very few mediums who really are in our reality

So is the medium real? The answer is Yes, of course! There is ample evidence that certain people can say things they (as normal humans) would not have known. They get that ability without a set of tools, without training. It just happens naturally

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