Life Partner: How Soulmate Is Different Then A Life Partner

There are billions of people on this planet earth. People often look for a soulmate but I prefer to start looking for a life partner. Whoever is your life partner automatically becomes your soulmate. So, for me, a life partner is the one who supports you as well as love you unconditionally.

Well !! no matter how great couples seem on social media, no intimate relationship is trouble-free. Even romantic relationships are more challenging, that’s what I believe and of course, I have experienced the same.

Our emotions are happening every time even when we defend against our needs like love, care, and affection in a variety of ways.

The other fact is people who are in a relationship cannot realistically meet all the needs of their partner. We need to look for a partner who will work with you to build a long and satisfying relationship.

For choosing a life partner you need to do all these things.

1) Basic And Common Stuff

You need to start from the very basics things like moral and ethical values and looking forward to likes and dislikes. If your goal is to have a life partner you need to understand their family traditions and many more things.

2) Choose an Honest Partner

Your partner should give you a special time and your partner should know your values and should be quite honest towards you. To build a culture of honesty you need to make trust in your relationship and most importantly genuine conversation is quite important.

3) Support Emotionally 

If your partner is sensitive you need to support emotionally or by pampering. If they can’t even tell you what they feel from within then they cannot be the right person for you. It becomes harder to live with that kind of partner because you do not want an overload of emotions flowing towards you.

4) Self-esteem and Positive Attitude 

It’s quite important to consider that the person must have high self-esteem and a positive attitude towards life and everything. A low self-esteem partner cannot be confident and cannot be able to face the problem in life and hence support his/her family prosper in life.

5) Physically Discomfort 

If your partner is abusing you and you are facing physical discomforts. I suggest you immediately end up the relationship and report it because it can destroy your whole life. Respect from every aspect is more important in a relationship.

6) Take a Test Drive 

We all are living in the 21st era, where some people are more materialistic. For instance, if you spend 6-7hours with a person and you go on a drive. you will get to know about your partner’s habits like how aggressive they get easily, How they behave, and most importantly how patient you both are for each other. This result can be fruitful for your lifelong relationship.

7) Good Observer and Right Decisions 

You need to observe good and bad things as well as make a good decision which will help in your life. To correct the bad things you need to share your personal experience. Having the same opinion on major matters is really important to lead a prosperous and successful relationship.

8) A Life Partner Must Show Interest In Your Life

A life partner is the one who must have an interest in your life, even who asks about your daily life routine or what you have done and asks about basic things. The same goes in another direction as well. Do not fall for such a sick person who does not care about you.

9) Don’t Get Married in Haste

You simply need to take things at a normal pace rather than jumping into decisions. firstly, you need to give time to yourself as well as to your partner. Some people like to get married as soon as possible but giving time like some months or maybe one year can lead to a fruitful result. Many people do not understand this nowadays but it is wise to wait.

10) Make Better Compatibility 

Compatibility is the key to makes a successful relationship because you both handle different situations together. You both have to go on long drives as well as on coffee dates. Additionally, if your partner wants to rush things then you must share your concerns and advise to take things slow.

So, I discussed some key factors while choosing your life partner.

As human beings, we constantly label ourselves to obtain identity like nationality, class, and food preferences, etc. Therefore, I can’t understand the people who fall in love with people who are mismatched on many levels. It’s one life and everything in life is a choice. So one must take responsibility for one’s choices. The journey of life becomes so difficult when your partner is incompatible or not the right fit. This is a choice you will always look back at with regret.

I let myself desire what I desire in life. To recapitulate, I am in love with a man who can fix anything. I desire that and enjoy that. If I am here today just because of him and we both have a habit of talking about the problems we faced each day until both people feel better and we enjoy the peace of this. I wish anyone can get here.

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