Making An LLC In American Samoa Made Easy

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So, you’re an entrepreneur. You and your partners are eager to start your own business. You can register in one of any number of destinations. Have you considered making an LLC in American Samoa?

In 2018, American Samoa passed a law that allows local and foreign investors to register limited liability companies by submitting an application through the American Samoa Treasury Department. The instant communications enabled by the Internet have enabled American Samoa to compete with other states to become a home for new businesses. Making an LLC in American Samoa is easy! Just go to the application page at to register your LLC in American Samoa.

Is Making an LLC Right for Me?

LLC is an acronym for “limited liability company”. There are multiple structures for creating a business. For smaller businesses, making an LLC is a popular choice for a number of reasons:

  • Confidentiality: In an LLC, only your company’s Registered Agent is required to know the true identity of your company’s partners. Your real names can remain private.
  • No State Taxes: American Samoa is not a state, but a territory of the United States.
  • Personal Asset Protection: What “limited liability” means is that your personal assets cannot be seized by creditors to satisfy debts related to the business.
  • Free Registered Agent: When you create an LLC in American Samoa, you will also be given the services of a Registered Agent at no additional cost.
  • Easy Application: File your application from any device with a web browser, anywhere in the world, any time of day.
  • Transferability: If the day comes that you wish to sell your company, American Samoa LLCs have easily transferable ownership.

The registration fee you pay to file articles of organization for your LLC in American Samoa can be as low as $150. In comparison, Wyoming charges $199. Registering an LLC in American Samoa has so many advantages, we believe it is the best state to set up LLC.


American Samoa status

American Samoa is the only unincorporated territory in the United States; this status means it is the only part of the United States whose residents are not given U.S. citizenship. A key difference between states and territories is that territories’ Congressional representatives do not have voting rights; as a result, they are exempt from federal taxes. This is one of the reasons making an LLC in American Samoa is so appealing today.

Why wait? Start making an LLC today

American Samoa is almost 5,000 miles away from the U.S. mainland. Thanks to the Internet, though, you don’t have to be there to start making an LLC in American Samoa. With a population of only 55,000 people, any economic activity directed there will have a disproportionately high benefit to the local economy. With easy and inexpensive registration, personal asset protection, and privacy for the identities of you and your business partners, the choice is clear: American Samoa is the best place for making an LLC today.

Register your limited liability company today at

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