Storage Solutions To Kill The Clutter

One of the most time-consuming jobs that you might be avoiding is decluttering your home. Unfortunately, the longer such things are put off, the worse the problem becomes and you’ll quickly find yourself tripping over boxes as you try to go about your day. While this is certainly a tedious job, it is actually not all that difficult. This guide aims to lead you along a quick and effective way to kill the clutter and open up your home again.

Learn to Stack

An effective way to open up more space in your existing storage is to make sure you have everything stored as efficiently as possible. The more space there is between your stored items, the less space you have to store everything you need to. There are a few ways to stack your storage items more effectively.

Storage Solutions

Start with your larger items. Big, rectangular boxes should form the bedrock of your storage and will also stack neatly against each other. You can then put other items atop them, in reducing order of size, until you are placing your smallest items at the top. This is useful for a number of reasons, but most importantly you are unlikely to crush any of your smaller items by putting too much weight on them.

Another useful tip is to stack your boxy items first, before any unusually shaped items. This is because you can place boxier items together neatly, with minimal empty space in between. If you try to pile square objects on top of or around irregular objects you are going to struggle to get a neat stack.

Use All Your Spaces

Now that you’ve sorted out your existing storage, you should be considering what other spaces are available to you that could be used for storage. A garage can easily be converted to work as a storage space, even if you are using it for a vehicle.

An additional place to consider using as storage, if you don’t already, is your attic. As it is often too small a space to be conveniently used otherwise, your attic could be an ideal place to set up as a small storage area.

Hire a Self-Storage Unit

Finally, if you have a lot of things that you need to store but don’t necessarily need constant access to them, such as furniture from an old home that won’t fit in your temporary address, then you should consider self-storage facilities as an alternative storage solution. Companies like Storage Locker offer a range of high-quality and well-kept storage facilities that are an excellent way to keep your excess belongings safe and out of the way.

Throw Out What You Can

You should be regularly searching through your storage and removing items that you no longer need. Not only is this a good way to clear up additional storage space for any new items you might acquire, but this will also allow you to assess the state of your stored items and help you to make sure nothing gets damaged. Additionally, it will allow you to notice and clear out any infestations that might have taken root in your storage space. Spiders, as well as other pests, like cool dark spaces and that, means your storage spaces will be at risk.

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