The Best Cheap Web Hosting Company To Use

Every company, from a small, one-person operation to a huge corporation, requires a website and, consequently, a web host.

It is imperative to have an internet presence in today’s connected era that shows at least the most necessary company information. In a perfect scenario, one would also like to sell goods and services.

Having said that, not all firms can afford to have an online presence. Often all one can manage is a basic page with their contact information, hours of operation, and perhaps some weblog capabilities to keep people interested.

The cost must therefore be taken into account when choosing a web host. People always get what they pay for, but every dime also matters, as the adage goes.

How Does Cheap Web Hosting Work?

  • Ease of Setup

Most of the best web hosting companies strive to provide the fastest setup provisions for websites. While analyzing the A2 Hosting vs Bluehost setup and usability, it is clear why they are one of the cheapest yet high-ranked web hosting firms.

The A2 Hosting interface has a lot of stuff going on, but once someone becomes accustomed to it, he or she can establish his or her website in a matter of minutes. It provides many one-click installation tools in addition to free migration, for example, WordPress.

Web Hosting

Additionally, most appreciate the automated features for backing up, cache, and traffic spike prevention that shared plans include. A2 gives free SSL, which is excellent for e-commerce platforms. One of the simplest dashboards to utilize is the one provided by Bluehost.

WordPress may be installed with only one click, and there are also some simple tools to handle the setup’s main adjustments. If a person needs to safeguard all transactional details for an internet marketplace, one also gets a free SSL.

  • Pricing

Users have the option of Windows or Linux hosting in the A2 hosting. Although the two alternatives are comparable, the typical plans are:

  • Startup for 2.99 dollars a month for a single site with 100 GB storage, five databases, perpetual security, a free SSL certificate, and the opportunity of selecting from a number of web servers. Free email accounts are another perk.
  • Drive costs short of 6 dollars a month and includes all of the perks in the previous plan, in addition to limitless websites, databases, storage, auto backups, and more hardware and memory.
  • Everything in the preceding plans is included in Turbo Boost, which costs 7 dollars per month. Infinite NVMe storage, more memory, website caching, traffic spike mitigation, and Turbo web servers with a 20x speed increase are also included.
  • Turbo Max: For $12.99 monthly, customers get everything else in the existing packages plus the top most physical memory and hardware cores available in the hosting plans from A2.

The price of Bluehost is solely determined by the months one prepays. A 3-year plan, for example, costs less per month than a two-year plan.

However, depending on the existing discounts, they can make 2-year plans more tempting than the 3-year ones. The following lists the 12-month plans:

  • The basic plan with a single website, twenty databases, 50GB storage, and a web page builder. It also includes a free domain, CDN, and SSL certificate, which costs $2.75 monthly.
  • Plus package for $5.45 monthly – Here, clients get promotions for email, spam protection, Google Adverts, unlimited websites, storage, and databases. It includes it all in the other plan.
  • Choice Plus package includes everything in the other options, including free domain anonymity and automatic backups in the initial year. It costs $5.45 per month (it increases in price when renewed, though).
  • The Pro package is provided at $13.95 monthly for everything included in the earlier versions, as well as optimal CPU capabilities, perpetually free automatic backups, a top-notch SSL, and a complimentary dedicated IP.

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