The Tech-Savvy Student’s Must-Have: Mobile Pixels Portable Monitors

What do you want from a laptop? If you’re a tech-savvy student who works on a laptop all the time, you’d want speed, accuracy, connectivity, efficiency, and (even if you might not know it yet) portability.

But did you know that portability is not just about carrying your laptop everywhere without having every component fall apart? True! Portability is also linked to relative satisfaction and lightweightness. How does it sound to have a laptop with three screens, Flash speed, great connectivity, and a weight similar to half a pen?

new trio

No kidding. Everything we just mentioned is the attributes of the Mobile Pixels Trio portable laptop monitor. But though the trio portable monitor is not a laptop in itself (we’re guessing you already have a laptop, or else you won’t be tech-savvy), it is an accessory you must have to make your work even more productive, easier, and clearer to see. Not to mention that there’s some good news!

There’s a back-to-school deal!

Fortunately for everyone, the Mobile Pixels team offers a Back to School deal with up to 40% off, no code needed.

All you have to do is get your pick of the Trio monitor anytime from August 14th to August 28th, and you’ll save up to 40% off your money. But before you click ‘out,’ would you like to know how the Mobile Pixels’ portable monitors align with your preferences for innovation, convenience, and adaptability in your studies?

How does the Mobile Pixels’ portable monitor align with your needs as a tech-savvy student?

new trio monitors

Even though we’ve mentioned some things at the start of this guide as the things tech-savvy students want, we didn’t mention  — you’d also want the latest gadgets, right?

But much more than the latest innovations, how does a game changer for your needs for innovation, convenience, and adaptability in your studies sound? Let’s check out some of the things the Mobile Pixels’ portable laptop monitor series has in stock for you.

No limits on your screen capabilities.

Yeah, we’ve all heard of dual screens. They turn your laptop into a multi-tasking powerhouse that allows you to work on a research paper with all your referencing sources stacked onto the other screen. But have you heard of three screens (not three laptops)?

This added innovation is the empowerment you need to streamline your workflow, enhance your productivity and enable you to conquer your tasks more efficiently. The best part of all is that these screens are all monitor sizes. Talk about bigger and better.

Designs that keep you at the cutting edge

There’s nothing as amazing as using a tech device with a modern touch to the design. No one likes clunky anymore.

If the laptop is huge, clumpy, and looks like one of the transformers morphed into a laptop, you’ll probably not want it. That’s why most tech-savvy students (and we’re guessing you, too) prefer to go for slim, smooth, sleek designs with minimal or no signs of the wiring and the inner compartment.

To cut a long story short, all of the Mobile Pixels’ portable laptop monitor series are made to be cutting edge. With remarkable features like a slide-out, slide-in, open-and-close, glide, and adhesive sticking, you can say goodbye to bulky and hello to ‘sleek.’

Plug-and-play setup for ultimate convenience

Who needs stress? No one. That’s why many tech-savvy students always look for new ways to simplify their hectic student life. The great news is that the Mobile Pixels series seamlessly incorporates the plug-and-play method for all their portable laptop monitors. So whether you are at a coffee shop, a cramped library, or in your cozy dorm room, these monitors are ready to adapt to your environment.

Lighter than half a pen

new trio monitors 125

Another great blessing of the brand’s portable monitors is the lightweight feature for all their series. You’re already carrying your laptop, notes, and other gadgets like a mifi, or a headphone. You won’t need an additional weight weighing you down, right?

Exactly! But with the lightweight design on these Trio or even the Duex series from the brand, you need no effort to carry them around  — hence, allowing you to expand your digital workspace without hassle.

Delete cramping multiple windows regardless of your niche.

We understand that, as a student, you would be interested in some things independently or simultaneously. You see, there’s nothing wrong with being just a graphic designer. Just as there’s nothing wrong with being a programmer who enjoys gaming, streaming, and writing as a content master.

But regardless of what you’d be using your laptop for, one thing links all together — multiple windows. There will always be a need to open several windows for reference, research, testing, or the work itself. With any of the Mobile Pixels portable laptop monitor series, you can say goodbye to those cramped tabs and split your view into three monitors.

Ready to get your portable laptop monitor?

Just because you like great gadgets doesn’t mean you must break the bank — at least not here. The Mobile Pixels offers tech-savvy students a back-to-school deal that helps you save a whopping 40% off your money when you get any gadgets from their series.

On top of this, you don’t need any coupon or discount code. All you need to do is drive in your purchase between the 14th and 28th of August, and you’ll win! So what are you waiting for? Hope out of the article and click the link above to get started.

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