What Exercises You Can Possibly Do Wrong During Your BJJ Training?

Physical activities induce stress on the human body. Normally it is viewed as healthy stress. A lot of Jiu-Jitsu practitioners train 7 days per week, & too multiple times a day. Fundamentally, BJJ is about maintaining a strengthened body posture while applying strong pressure on your opponent.

But it’s not really easy to maintain. Everyone has different body stamina and physique. Certain exercise or intensity that works well for a person can break the other down. Your ultimate goal should be finding out what’s best and healthy for you. However, there are some mistakes that are very common and should be avoided here are some of them.

#1 Do not Put your hands-on Mat

If you recently started practicing BJJ, you might not be aware of the threat invited by placing your hands on the playmat when you are in the top position. Putting your hands on the mat makes you significantly transfer your body weight on the ground rather than your opponent. By putting your arms out on the ground, you actually provide your opponent the opportunity to attack your arms using arm locks like kimura. Use both hands for controlling your opponent by maintaining firm grips with a Gi on or controlling the biceps while playing in no-gi BJJ rash guards and no Gi BJJ shorts.

#2 Stop getting trained for only one position

Don’t be the player who is tough but only at one position i.e. Top or bottom. Or a player with exceptional guard abilities but he cannot execute the techniques of passing the guard very well. Usually, it happens, when you get trained for playing just on top or bottom. Often when you are equipped with good guard techniques you tend to pull them fast & end up getting trained too much for the top.  Or never apply guard & always end up training on top than the bottom.

We strongly recommend you maintain a balance in your training. Knowing what your training partner is best at helps a lot in getting effective training. If he is good at pulling guard, forcing yourself against is the best thing you can do in training. Most of the BJJ students practice the opposite. They tend to apply techniques against what their partner is worst at. In your training, you are supposed to maximize your learning, instead of focusing on winning.

#3 Avoid exploding from unfamiliar positions.

Exploding from an unfamiliar position can be bad. Mainly because of these two major reasons they put a serious threat to your game.

  • It can Injure you: According to a general rule, if you are not very well aware of what you should do or how to do it, try not to explode from that position. If something goes wrong you can get yourself injured. Your game partner will be holding you strongly, while you try muscling out. This situation has a higher risk of injuries.
  • You will not learn the Technique Correctly: When you’re exploding, you do not get to learn anything. You will have to slow down. Try finding the way where you use your strength. Ask for help from your coach. Try different techniques.

#4 Thinking just you are nervous

Before fighting, you might struggle with simpler tasks or running to the restroom every 20 mins. Do you get to experience cold and sweaty hands & other stress symbols? At the professional competition, everyone gets nervous that they will lose the competition. Your opponent might feel the same as you. Everyone gets stressed out.

#5 Avoid the Big EGO

Ego at a certain level plays a significant role in the learning process, but you should have control over it.  The biggest mistake students usually make is not tapping while training.

They get aggressive in wanting to win each roll. Which not only slows down their learning process but significantly affects the techniques they execute. Your training session is the place where you should try out everything with no fear of tapping. But yes, having an adequate amount of ego is also important, for making sure that you do not get used to tapping & losing out every roll. During your training losing or winning shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, it should be learning. Misusing your Ego or unclotted ego is can out some serious threats to BJJ Athletes.

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