What Jewelry Do Men Wear?

Jewelry has been a significant piece of wardrobes for years, and the evolution has seen women donning some gorgeous pieces over the years. However, while the evolution has brought about a change in the styles and types of jewelry, we have also observed one significant change. What is it?

Well, it is that women aren’t the only ones who wear jewelry now. The modern world and the men in it are as much open to donning some classy and gorgeous pieces that suit their style the best. The trend has taken over the men’s community to the extent that they accessories and slay the essence of jewelry just like the women.

If you are a man who has seen other members of your species donning some stylish jewelry and wants to do the same. However, if you do not know what pieces and types of jewelry you can wear that would suit your style, then worry not because we got you covered. Below we have concluded some of the best jewelry pieces to answer your queries about what jewelry men wear.

What Jewelry Pieces Should Men Wear to Elevate Their Look?

Truthfully, there is no fundamental jewelry piece that men have shied away from wearing. Men in the modern world have worn everything from studs, drop earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

In all honesty, why shouldn’t they, given how effortlessly it helps them elevate their outfit? If you are a man wanting to find the right jewelry pieces or figuring out what parts of jewelry men wear, then we got you covered. Hop on below to find out.

1. Rings

If you think back, rings might be the first jewelry piece that emerged in the men’s fashion world. While the concept of wedding rings for men was there, it soon made it out of that box and entered the cool boy category.

Many jocks and cooler seniors in college picked up the trend of wearing stone rings, which soon became a trend among the male category. Today, apart from stone rings, many other types, like stainless steel, signets, etc., are in trend.

Rings look nice and other than elevating your outfit; it gives off a bad-boy look. Hence, if there is a girl you are trying to impress, donning a ring might be a great idea if you believe this might bring her attention to you.

2. Men’s Bracelets

Another easy-to-wear and most-worn piece of jewelry popular among the male species is bracelets. These jewelry pieces are typically worn as a more casual accessory at many non-formal parties or daily.

They look classy and add a simple yet appealing look to a men’s outfit. The more casual bracelets include simple threads or jute ones. In case you are a man who likes to wear bracelets in a more formal setting or fancy outfits, we suggest you look into metal bracelets too. They hold a regal class and can elevate your outfit without much effort.

3. Cufflinks

Man in grey suit and shirt with cufflinks

While not something men wear all the time, cuff links are yet another exceptional jewelry piece that is included in the list of men’s jewelry. These pieces are usually worn in more formal attire and are used to pin the cuffs on formal shirts for men.

There are many cufflinks, and depending on your style and taste in fashion, you can always find a color or design of your choice. Cufflinks are chic and stylish and can add charm to your already sleek formal look. So, if you plan on attending a formal event any time soon, we believe it might be a great idea to invest in.

4. Pendants for Chains

While women mostly wear pendants or necklaces on special occasions, men are seen donning chains or charms on a more regular basis. Men very much hype this jewelry piece, and during the current times, many men have picked pendants and chains on both formal and casual attires.

These pieces look classy, falling on the collar bone and more casual outfits, often done with low collar shirts, round neck, or simply with a few buttons undone. A nice sleek chain or minimalist pendant popping out in more formal settings might give off a stylish look.

Pendants are available in stainless steel, gold, silver, and even diamonds. However, from our perspective, the diamond pendant complement a formal look the most.

5. Studs or Earrings

Studs and earrings were deemed inappropriate for straight men during the 20th century considering they had a stigma of homosexuality associated with them.

However, times have changed, the world has evolved, and so have mindsets. Now, men, women, and every other recognized gender openly wear earrings, studs, or any kind of jewelry they like.

One of the most common earrings men wear is studs or small silver hoops. These two pieces are minimalistic and give an appealing look for sure. However, silver hoops aren’t only worn on the ear lobes by men, but many wear them on the piercings of their lips and eyebrows too.

6. Tie Retainers

While not casually worn by many men in formal outfits, the tie retainers are yet another piece that has significantly impacted the men’s fashion world. The tie retainers, clips, or pins are worn on your tie so that it remains fixed and doesn’t wrap around in the breeze or fall into your food while eating.

The tie retainers come in various designs and colors and are available quickly in stores. While these aren’t commonly worn accessories, they certainly add a brilliant touch to your formal outfit. Hence, it won’t hurt to try this accessory and add charm to your already formal and sleek look.

7. Collar Retainers

Collar Retainers

We are sure you might have never heard of it or seen anyone wearing it. This is because collar retainers aren’t much into fashion, but a few people still own this accessory and don it on their formal shirts.

Similar to tie retainers, the use of collar retainers gives the collars on softer shirts a neater and more refined look and prevents them from drooping down. These retainers are available in many types, like collar pins, collar bars, and even collar clips, and come in various colors and designs.

So, try investing in this retainer if you are tired of your collar drooping down or not looking neat.

8. Watches

How can we forget one of the most important and most loved accessories among men? Watches are men’s most commonly worn accessories and tend to elevate any outfit considerably.

Watches can be worn on formal and casual outfits and can be donned every day too. However, while many wear mediocre or regular watches, some men love to invest in high-end ones and wear them to formal occasions or special dates.

So, if you are someone who can afford a classy watch, we suggest you put your money into one of these too. Pretty great way to complete your overall look, trust us.


Men’s jewelry is common now, and many males love wearing stylish and sleek pieces. If you are someone who doesn’t wear jewelry often but is now intrigued to start wearing it, then we hope this article was of help.

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