Why Choose A Dental Software Which Provides Easy Dental Charting?

Dental Software for Easy Charting

With enormous technological innovations in the recent past, numerous DSOs and dentists are leveraging the best dental practice management software. It helps in planning out all the schedules of the day and fixing all appointments to separate timings. Besides, it also helps in filtering out the emergency schedules.

A dental software also places orders for instrument procurements. So the billings and payments are also taken care of by the software. And the best part about the dental software is that it offers periodontal and dental charting. This makes it extremely easy for doctors to store patient data seamlessly.

This article will give you valuable insights regarding the importance of choosing dental software which offers easy dental charting. But first, let’s find out what dental charting actually means. Let’s dig in.

What is Dental Charting?

The process of recording and tracing oral health by healthcare professionals is known as dental charting. This helps keep track of your patient’s oral and dental health. Periodontal charting is also a part of dental charting, where the measurements around each tooth are taken into consideration.

What Does a Dental Charting Consist of?

A dental charting contains all dental information in the form of graphics. And with easy dental charting software, you can seamlessly store data and information about your patients’ dental health. While checking the gums and teeth of your patient, you can take down notes and pictures as required.

This dental charting works as a future record. So every time your patients come back to you, you will not have to dig deep to know their dental history. Also, your dental software will give you all the previously recorded information you require to inspect your patients.

Listed here are certain things which are usually included within the dental charting:

  • Name and numbers of missing teeth
  • Portions of cavity dominance and decay
  • Portions of damage in teeth
  • Teeth or enamel abnormalities, including erosions, rotations, and abrasions
  • Locations of bleeding gums, gum recessions, and depth of gum pockets
  • Significant teeth movement
  • Attachment of teeth to gums
  • Presence of teeth fillings, bridges, crowns, implants, etc.

Why is Dental Charting Necessary?

Dentist on computer

Dentists and dental support organizations must create dental charting for their patients. This is an effective way of organizing all vital information regarding your patients’ dental health. Once you create this chart, you will have access to all the requisite information you require for treating your patients.

And with an easy, seamless dental charting software, you can store all patients’ data and information. Also, updating the dental charting every time your patients come back to you for dental charting is essential. Thus, it becomes easier for you to track your patients’ dental health progress.

What are the Benefits of Dental Charting with Dental software?

Some of the benefits of using dental software for dental charting are:

  • You can easily organize, store, and record the condition of your patient’s dental health
  • You can store and manage it for future reference and track the progress of your patient’s dental health
  • You can update it every time your patients come to visit you
  • You can easily refer back to the dental charting during future visits and compare the treatment progress

To Conclude

Choosing an easy dental charting software helps in taking down comprehensive notes seamlessly. Also, it helps in keeping and managing phone calls and appointment notes with detailed chart information. Besides, it automatically records user names whenever a staff signs in and out of patient charts. Also, you can trace the time and date of the information back to its source efficiently.

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