Why Gifting Nail Dip Powder Kits Are Perfect For Your Girlfriend

There is nothing that can make us feel put together quite like a fresh manicure. The confidence boost that comes with flawless nails is something that we are chasing constantly.

Between hours spent tirelessly painting on polish or thousands spent each year at the salon, we are ready for a better solution. Meet nail dip powders.

Nail dip is a revolutionary new way to keep your nails looking stunning 24/7. If your girlfriend spends any time on the beauty side of the internet, she may have seen these drool-worthy manicures pop up on your timeline.

These ultra-satisfying videos showing the application of nail dip powder are having a moment on social media. If you want your girlfriend to get in on the action, read ahead to discover why nail dip powder has been trending this year.

What is Nail Dip Powder?

Nail dip powder is the future of manicures. The application process is incredibly simple and can be applied flawlessly even by the shakiest of hands. Nail dip powder works exactly as it sounds.

After she applies the base coat, she can simply dip her nails into the build and color powders to achieve a flawless manicure. She can build up the opacity of the color to her liking by applying extra layers of the base coat and color powder.

Once she brushes away the excess powder she can then apply a liquid activator followed by a topcoat for extra brilliance.

Nail Dip Powder Kits

Why Nail Dip Powder is Rising in Popularity

Many people are swapping out home manicures and salon trips for nail dip powder. If your girlfriend is doing her nails at home, she is most likely using a standard nail polish and topcoat combination or she has a UV light for gel polish.

If she is using regular nail polish, she will be blown away by the wearability of nail dips. Gone are the days of chipped nails 24 hours after you spent all that time painting them. Nail dip powder stays on looking impeccable for up to five weeks and won’t chip. It usually needs to be reapplied due to nail growth more than anything. If your girlfriend is an at-home gel type of girl, she’ll love the simplified process.

She won’t need a UV light that can weaken her nails when you cure them under it. Not to mention the harsh chemicals that gel polishes can often contain. These chemicals are known to weaken nail beds. Thankfully, nail dip powders do not contain these types of ingredients.

If your girlfriend takes regular trips to the nail salon to get her manicure, then prepare for significant savings with nail dip powder. Many people who are avid salon goers have taken advantage of thousands of dollars in savings on nail care each year.

Acrylics at the salon can also have pretty harsh effects on your nails. The removal process is very difficult and strips the surface of your nails each time you have to remove them. The process to remove the nail dip powder is far less abrasive and more similar to that of gel removal.

What Comes in a Nail Dip Kit?

If your girlfriend is new to nail dip powder, we highly recommend getting started with a nail dip powder kit. Her nail dip kit will include all of the essentials that you need to get started. The first things you will get with a starter kit will be your four-way nail file and a cuticle pusher.

These are going to be tools that are important to getting her nails ready for the application. She will need to push back her cuticles and file and shape her nails as desired just as she would with any other type of manicure. The next thing you will receive is your base liquid. This is what she going to apply before each coat of powder. She will also have build powder in her kit.

This will be applied before the color powder builds up the nail. There will be a brush included in the kit to remove any excess powder before the next coat. Most nail kits will provide you with different color options.

You can choose between 4-6 different colors to start, but there are infinite amounts of colors that you can add to your kit as you please. Lastly, you will receive an activator liquid and topcoat. These will be applied in that order to finish your stunning manicure. When your girlfriend is ready to remove your manicure, the included remover clip will come in handy.

Get in on the Trend

If your girlfriend is ready to swap out your gels or acrylics for nail dip powder, get her hands on one of these kits today! Soon she will fully understand why nail dip powders have been trending this year, and why everyone is making the switch.

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