6 Secret Ways To Make Sex Better For Her

Your spouse’s pleasure will improve your satisfaction during sex. Plus, it will ensure she feels comfortable and safe with you. Not only will you want your partner to experience an orgasm, but you must consider her comfort and confidence during intercourse.

If you want to become better in bed, you must find ways to make a partner feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied. Here are six ways to make sex better for her.

1. Explore Different Erogenous Zones

Improve your partner’s pleasure by exploring different erogenous zones across her body, such as her neck, scalp, shoulders, inner thighs, belly, back, feet, and buttocks. Also, switch up speeds and pressure to find a technique that will get her heart fluttering. Finally, don’t forget to listen to her feedback and look out for cues to improve your performance and her enjoyment.

2. Use a Water-Based Lube

It is common for some women to experience pain and discomfort during sex, which can decrease enjoyment or stop physical intimacy altogether. Improve her comfort by ensuring she feels happy and safe. Also, you can use a water based lube that can prevent dryness, irritation, and discomfort, which can increase pleasure for both of you.

A girl satisfied after sex

3. Ask Questions Before Sex

Understanding your partner’s wants, needs, and desires can help you rock her world in the bedroom. Take the time to learn about her various fantasies, preferences, and sexual interests, which will ensure she remembers the experience for a long time to come. Also, aim to create an environment that will make her feel relaxed and aroused, such as choosing lighting that makes her feel comfortable and playing her favorite songs.

4. Make Her Pleasure Your Priority

Most women will want a partner who will put their wants and needs first in the bedroom. If you make her pleasure your top priority under the sheets, it will increase her enjoyment, and she will be more likely to reciprocate. It will ensure sex is never one-sided in a relationship, and it will make her feel special and sexy during intercourse.

5. Shake Up Your Sex Life

The same setting, position, or schedule can be a little dull. Shake up your sex life every once in a while to increase passion and satisfaction for your partner. Look for ways to inject some fun, such as playing naughty games, having sex in new places, or trying different positions. Variety is the spice of good sex life.

6. Express Your Enthusiasm for Your Partner

Make a woman feel attractive and confident by expressing your enthusiasm in the bedroom. Articulate how hot you think she is, comment on an area of her body you love, and tell her how much you want her. It will help her let down her guard and increase her satisfaction.

If you take the time to make a partner feel relaxed, comfortable, and attractive, it will increase her pleasure and even lead to much healthier sex life.

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