A Complete Guide To Wearing Blazer Suits for Men

Weddings, business meetings, and dates come and go, but the trend of classic yet stylish blazer suits stays. A blazer suit for men is not only the most obvious but also the most suitable choice for all occasions, formal or informal.

Typically, blazers are jackets but more formal and with a single solid color. They are usually paired with pants of the same fabric, color, or pattern, making them blazer suits. With the advent of fusions and experimentation in fashion, blazer suit designs have become more trendy, timeless, and sleek today.

In this article, we will read about tips and tricks to style your blazers for any occasion.

Formal men’s blazers

The first vibe that comes to mind when discussing blazers is formal or official. Therefore, let us first discuss the styles you can wear at formal or official events.

  • Double-breasted blazers: These formal men’s blazers have two columns of buttons. These are more formal and are suitable for business meetings, work tours, or interviews.
  • Wool blazers: These are one of the most favorable options as they are naturally warm and breathable.
  • A brushed cotton blazer: It is a lifesaver if you travel widely and are looking for blazers that are low maintenance. These blazers are smooth, comfortable, and don’t need ironing. Cotton blazers are a perfect option, especially for summer.
  • Flannel blazers: If you do not wish to sacrifice their comfort at the cost of looking formal, this one’s for you. Flannel Blazers are lightweight and give a remarkably sleek and sophisticated look.
  • The classic black blazer suit: A black blazer suit for men can never go wrong and also leaves a strong and confident first impression in any formal meeting. A solid color tie and a briefcase are a go-to outfit for any professional outing.
  • Structured blazers: As the name suggests, these have a sleek silhouette and sharp and clean shape owing to padded shoulders. These are perfect for formal occasions where you don’t want to appear casual or lousy.

Blazer suits for weddings

To look your best Blazer for wedding and extravagant occasions, you must style your blazers the best way. Below are some exquisite blazer ideas for special occasions.

  • Designer blazers: These blazers are the right blend of modernity and ethnicity. The designs can have Indian art patterns or western checks or lines. These are perfect for receptions or if you’re the best man of the groom.
  • Velvet blazers: These are the perfect blazer suit for weddings, especially in winter, as this soft and versatile fabric is cozy, appealing, and unique. They come in a multitude of colors. Green, royal blue, and maroon are the most popular these days.
  • Floral wedding blazers: Yes, you heard it right! Floral blazers have recently become a trend after being worn by many celebrities and models. They are energetic, unique, and fashionable but are symbolic of the elegance and romance of a wedding. You can wear it in the engagement or wedding ceremony as the groom or as his best man.
  • Solid white blazer suit: Fashion influencers these days term white as the new black. White blazers are classy, elegant, and bold. They are perfect for day weddings, especially the ones with pastel themes.
  • Bandhgala blazer: It is one of the most traditional and timeless choices of blazer suits for marriage. These came back in trend when several Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and Ranvir Kapoor started attending wedding ceremonies wearing bandhgala blazers.

Blazer Suits for Men

Accessorizing blazer suits for weddings

To add more glamor to your look in a wedding blazer suit for men, you can add a few accessories to your outfit, such as

  • Classic Brooch
  • Double Chain Brooch
  • Patterned Bow Tie
  • Suspenders/Brace
  • The Tie Bar
  • Pocket Square
  • Boutonnière (flowers worn in a buttonhole)

Blazer suits for casual events

To rock casual events, you can style blazers of the following designs.

  • Sequin blazers: From night-outs with friends to bachelorette parties- sequin blazers stand out as a fashion statement. A sequin blazer is classic cocktail attire if you’re a party animal.
  • Metallic blazers: Metallic blazers add a bling to the vibe of your outfit and can be paired with solid colored pants. These give a very outgoing, fun, and fashionable look while casual and comfortable.
  • Unstructured blazers: Lightweight materials like linen give an unstructured look to your blazer, serving a carefree and relaxed aesthetic.
  • Single-breasted blazers: These have one to three buttons and are perfect for casual events like date nights and hangouts. They are not only more comfortable but are also sleeker and trendier today.

Trendy blazer suit combinations

If you wish to look out-of-the-box with a uniquely styled outfit, you can wear your blazers in styles like the following-

  • Blazer with khaki pants is an unfailing and versatile blazer for men for weddings or professional meetings.
  • Blazer with jeans has emerged as one of the most effortless looks. These work perfectly for an after-work hangout or a semi-formal wedding.
  • Dark blazers with white pants: Contrasting color combinations can indicate a great sense of grace. These blazer suits have repeatedly been one of the showstoppers, and red-carpet looks.

Things to keep in mind while buying a blazer suit

While wearing blazers can be a stunning choice, purchasing them can be equally tricky. Many things should be considered while picking a blazer for any event, whether wedding blazer suits or casual events.

  • Fitting: The fitting of a blazer suit can make or break a suit. Whether structured or unstructured, single-breasted or double-breasted, the waistband, sleeves, and shoulders should fit you in a way that is comfortable on the inside and sleek on the outside.
  • Fabric: The fabric is equally important. Remember that woolen blazers are the most formal but can also be unbearable in hot and humid situations. The finer the fabric, the more breathable it is and the more expensive.
  • The Details: As easy as it is easy to throw a blazer suit, the details should never go unnoticed. The stitches along the hem, buttons, sleeves, and pockets should be clean and well-secured to give an even classier and sleek look.
  • Color palette: Finally, the color of the blazer suit decides the aesthetic of your outfit. Remember that although it is very exciting to experiment with different colors, many shades do not look good against some complexions. You don’t always have to go out of your comfort zone; navy blues, gray and black can never go wrong for any occasion.

Final words

Blazer suits have always been one of humanity’s most timeless fashion inventions and will remain so. In the famous TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Robin Scherbatsky proved the superiority of suits.

These blazer suits for men for weddings, meetings, and parties are some of the most fashionable outfits for men. So why don’t you ‘suit up’ and flaunt the elegance of a blazer suit?

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