How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

Old jeans may look alright, but the same rule does not apply to your underwear. Well, the real question is: Do you remember the last time when you threw your old underwear? Well, there is no point in overthinking; we don’t blame you for that.

Take this article as a reminder; take care of yourself and your private parts. Moreover, health and hygiene is an important factor; you cannot invite bacterias and other infections. As the underwear does not come with an expiry date, keep on reading to know more about the shelf-life of your undies.

How Long Should You Keep a Pair of Underwear?

There is no accurate number to this answer. The underwear does not come with an expiry date, which is the main reason why men just take this piece of clothing for granted. Also, it depends upon; how you take care of your underwear and how often you wash it. Men with discharge problems should often change their underwear. Besides, if you have sensitive skin issues, you should not keep your underwear ON for a long time.

Your underwear is full of germs; even after machine washing, you cannot get rid of the bacteria, germs, and fecal matter. According to a study, clean underwear contains about 10,000 bacterias; now you do the maths for an uncleaned undie. Throwing out old underwear is necessary; you do not want the bacteria to turn into a yeast infection.

Men do keep their underwear till it’s completely run-down. You should not keep it in a condition; where the colors have all faded, the fabric looks weak. Most importantly, worn-out underwear attracts more sweat and moisture.

How long should you keep a pair of underwear; It depends upon the material as well. Underwears made out of micro-modal last as long as they are natural and consist of breathable fabric. At the same time, you cannot keep polyester underwear for a long time. We cannot give one exact number, but you must buy new underwear every 6-12 months as per the experts. Well, the best way is to look for the signs of damage.

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How do I know when it’s time to replace my underwear?

According to a study, most men do not even remember the time when they bought their underwear. When you do not remember the purchase time, how will you know the time of discarding it? Now that you know, you cannot keep your underwear for an extended period. Let’s evaluate the signs and times of replacing the underwear.

Color fading

The most obvious sign is the color fading. When the color starts to fade, understand that it is time to throw the underwear out of the wardrobe. The underwear colors are solid, and they do not fade out quickly, even after several washes.


You cannot wear loose underwear; it disturbs the whole mechanism and support of the private parts. When you feel the underwear’s elasticity is too loose to give your waist support, buy a new one.


If you feel that; wearing specific underwear makes you itchy down there, and you are getting rashes, replace it. Personal health and comfort are important, and you cannot risk getting an infection.

How to increase the lifespan of underwear?

Underwear replacement is all about comfort, and you cannot risk your day turning into a disaster due to worn-out and uncomfortable underwear. Nevertheless, there is a lot that you can do to increase the lifespan of your underwear.


Try to wash your delicates with your hand. Put your underwear in the sink; add some detergent, and wash them with your hands. In this way, the fibers will not get loose, increasing the life of it.


There is a way of washing your underwear in a machine. Tossing them inside the machine is not a good idea. Add all the delicates in a bag and change the settings of your machine to sensitive.


Machine drying decreases the lifespan of underwear. You must dry them with natural air. We recommend you to spread on a drying stand or any other surface where the air can pass.

Replacing your underwear prevents odor and stickiness. Holding on underwear for over a year; you are inviting dust, bacterias, and infections. Also, not discarding the underwear can lead to urinary tract infections, rashes, and allergies.

Underwear and its beauty

Your pair of undies and underwear should be bacteria-free. For women, your undies should be changed every day. Your undies reflect your beauty as well. You should make sure that you don’t wear the same pair of underwear every day. Bacteria can cause infection and it is best to get a few pairs of under wear that you can replace every day. The best way is to shop for a week of undies and Women should shop for new pairs of undies every few months as there are bacteria in your undies and washing them wouldn’t help after a few times. For women, new pairs of beauty wear can help them stay bacteria-free down there. One should shop for undies that reflect their beauty. Remember to wash your undies on time.

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