A Comprehensive Guide To Automation Testing Of Workday

Many cloud-based HRMS are available, but Workday has a different fan base in the market. However, Workday holds about 8.4% of the global cloud HCM market share. Workday is open to developers, and it supports many extensions and custom integrations that help maintain the continuity of business as it makes testing more evolving for the business.

To smooth the functions of the production environment and deliver a robust ROI, automated regression testing of Workday becomes all-important. Regression testing is one type of regression testing. The Workday testing is different from other enterprise applications. Moreover, proper software testing is required in Workday, but automated regression testing helps business users.

Overview of Workday

Workday was built in March 2005 and launched in 2006. It provides a comprehensive solution to medium and large-scale businesses and helps them manage employee data, HR, payroll, etc. It provides a secure SaaS-based platform to businesses through which talent management, compensation, learning management, etc., can be easily managed.

In order to smoothly run business operations, setting up a proper testing environment is crucial, and hence testing becomes crucial.

Why Is Testing Important for Workday?

If any business is either upgrading the Workday to a new version or deploying a new Workday, testing plays a critical role in establishing a significant Workday environment. Moreover, automated regression testing helps the customers of Workday customize and link the instances of their Workday with internal and other applications. The security and business process configurations are the two most important areas to test with Workday.

Automation factory concept

When to Test the Workday?

Implementation of the Workday

When the implementation of Workday takes place, there may be a chance that the configuration may be changed, which can affect the business needs. So to effectively deploy Workday, the testing process ensures that the system is operating properly. Furthermore, automated regression testing helps ensure the security configuration meets the organization’s requirements.

Ad-Hoc Workday Testing

When the existing workflow is modified, there is a need for Workday testing in order to check whether the business processes are operating smoothly or not. Also, check whether the software updates or integrated systems work in sync with another app.

Updation of Workday

Workday offers two major releases every year. The Workday team properly verifies the updates, but sometimes these impact the critical integrations and customized processes. The process of testing ensures that updates do not affect critical business processes.

Moreover, Workday security testing is also necessary to check whether the relevant data is available as per the job function.

Challenges During the Implementation of Workday

Right Workday Implementation Partner: Many choices are available in the market, but choosing the right implementation partner becomes difficult. Also, choose a partner that has up-to-date Workday updates and products.

Poor Documentation

Workday provides enormous benefits to organizations as it is a customizable tool. However, the addition of any customizations leads to more complexities. So, proper documentation is required so that a sync can be made with major releases and updates. The use of automated regression testing eases up the process of documentation by streamlining the repetitive execution of test cases automatically.

Data Migration

To match up the existing data with the Workday is quite a daunting task, and hence the data migration problem comes into the picture. If the data migration process is not carried out properly, it could lead to duplicate and incorrect data.


There are different teams involved in the implementation process of Workday. The organizations focus more on leadership, which is a good start, but drop the ball by not including the users and other important stakeholders.

Workday Security Configuration

It is a crucial part of Workday as it determines while logging in, which data users can see. The workday security configuration is associated with testing every user and role against the pre-assigned permissions. It is quite a daunting task, so choosing the right automation tool becomes a necessity in order to carry out the process of testing seamlessly.

How Does Opkey Streamline the Testing Process for Workday?

The automation testing in Workday brings forth the early cycle release. For instance, regression testing is one of the types of software testing, and the use of automated regression testing in Workday helps streamline business processes. Workday is used by many businesses, from mid-sized to large-scale. So code-based automation testing can lead to breaks in the business, higher costs, and more requirements of the technical workforce.

The Opkey is the leading tool for Workday test automation that helps accelerate the release cycle and keeps costs down. Opkey is a no-code test automation platform that provides the following features:

  • Opkey runs the tests autonomously, protecting business users from repetitive and monotonous testing.
  • Opkey performs thorough automated regression testing and security regression testing.

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