A Quick Men’s Motorcycle Jeans Buying Guide For Beginners

Whether you ride motorcycles as a means of commuting and transportation, a hobby, or a recreational sport, you’d know that it requires the right gear. And especially if you’re still a newbie to riding motorcycles, you should prioritize your protective equipment.

Unfortunately, not many riders often invest much attention or money in motorcycle pants. But the truth is wearing the proper riding jeans can actually contribute to a safer and more comfortable bike ride.

Suppose you’re planning to go shopping for your motorcycle stuff soon. As such, it’s wise to do your assignment and earn pointers on how to look for the best motorcycle jeans. Unlike your average bottoms, the right motorcycle jeans usually have unique features that can help enhance the bike riding experience.

They typically have waterproof qualities, added cushion, ventilation, or sweat-wicking attributes. All these are needed for you to be comfortable and safe while riding.

With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to provide you with some insights on what to look for when buying your motorcycle jeans:

1. Prioritize Fit

Much like shopping for any clothing item in your closet, you should always prioritize getting the right fit. No matter what brand or how expensive the clothing is, they won’t make you look good in it if it doesn’t fit you right.

And as for motorcycle pants, the worst thing that can happen is that overly tight or loose jeans can lead to accidents and misfits on the road. Hence, the first detail to look for is their length. Ideally, they should be slightly longer when you’re standing so that they won’t be too short when seated on the bike. Double-check that the pants are comfortable to wear when in the riding position by trying them on.

Additionally, consider buying motorcycle pants that will fit along with your other protective gear. It should have enough space to accommodate your knee caps and other bottom armor. Note that the knees of some pants may not be tapered enough and are only a snug fit while riding. The pants should still fit properly even when you are not riding.

And while you can utilize online shopping, add to your cart, and receive your item in just a few days, note that personally visiting brick-and-mortar stores may be more ideal, as you can try on the jeans and better assess if they’re the right fit before checking them out on the counter.

2. Consider The Material

Depending on your budget, style, and preferences, there are many kinds of motorcycle jeans you can opt for. To name a few, here are some of your options:

  • Leather

Exactly as their name implies, leather jeans are jeans made of leather. Known for its durability, leather comes from processed animal hides. Much like all the other items in your closet, leather stuff usually comes with longer lifespans. They’re popular options for motorcycle jeans because they boast unparalleled strength and durability.

Motorcycle riders wear leather primarily to protect themselves. It has been proven that leather can provide better protection when riding a motorcycle than regular clothes. While they can be priced higher than any other materials, you’ll understand how much of a reasonable investment they are. Moreover, the use of leather on motorbikes has evolved over time, leading to more designs and texture options. And while it may look cool to wear leather during a motorcycle ride, safety should be the priority.

  • Textile

Textiles have also made massive progress in their ability to protect riders. Motorcycle textiles are woven together using the most advanced technologies in manufacturing clothes. Today, textile motorcycle pants are comfortable to wear and are capable of protecting your legs from minor crashes.

Originally developed for military-grade equipment like bulletproof vests, these fabrics can offer a lot of comfort and protection while riding a motorcycle. Similar to leather, they’re durable but more comfortable for you to wear and move around easily.

  • Riding Denim

While some riders aren’t comfortable wearing denim, they’re actually a viable motorcycle jeans option too. Notably, men who want to look good on and off their bike loves wearing these bottoms. Generally, they are more abrasion-resistant and have higher levels of armor padding.

Although their protective feature is slightly lower than textile and leather, riding denim jeans are considered way more durable and protective than your average denim in the closet. There are many essential men’s style must-haves, and riding denim jeans can be one of them if you want style while riding. You can maintain that boy-next-door look by opting for denim riding jeans instead.

3. Match Your Motorcycle Gear Pants With Your Riding Style

Lastly, you should also know your riding style to match the appropriate riding jeans for it. Discovering what type of gear will suit your riding style can be the fastest and easiest way to get started. And from there, you can easily pick out gear that matches your style and your ride’s requirements.

For instance, if you intend to ride on challenging terrains, it may be best to wear textile, as they’re flexible and easy to wash off when dirt sticks to the fabric. As for your usual everyday commute and ride, you may opt for leather or types of denim.

Wrapping Up

Aside from knowing the riding essentials and road biking checklist to enjoy your riding experience safely, the right gear is also essential. While it can be overwhelming to choose among many available in the market today, you must prioritize the fit, choose the suitable material, and determine your riding style so they can fit together.

Hopefully, with the guide above, you can better determine the best motorcycle pants that suit your riding needs and preference.

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