The Air Jordan Hype Explained

Go to every corner of the world, from the Americas to Europe, Africa to Asia, and even in Australia, and find out the most sought-after sneaker brand. There is no surprise that in each one of those places, the answer would be Air Jordans.

Air Jordan is undoubtedly the most hyped sneaker brand ever, and air Jordan history is one that everyone adores. Everyone wants a pair, and it’s ridiculous the lengths that some people are willing to go just to own one. There have been cases where people have had to camp outside of stores to get their first pick of Jordans when they first release and others traveling across the world to meet up with someone willing to resell their pair of Air Jordans.

Despite the relatively high prices of Air Jordans, not mentioning that resell prices can soar as far as $10,000, people still go crazy over these shoes. You would think that the price would be some sort of deterrent.

Now is this hype worth it? Are the sacrifices that people are willing to make just to own a pair of Jordans worth going through with? To avid sneakerheads, yes, the sacrifices are 100% worth it. They would do the same thing again if it means owning a limited-edition pair of Air Jordans.

What generates this hype, and why are Air Jordans so much revered within the sneaker world? If you’ve been wondering the same thing and would love some answers, grab a drink, maybe a snack as well because we’ve got just the answers you’ve been looking for.

Air Jordans Are Universal

Forget being a universal brand that everyone loves; Air Jordans are universal in the sense that anyone can wear them. Young or old, male or female, there is no limit to who the Jordans are designed for. Particular variations, especially the Air Jordan 1, which despite being the oldest Air Jordan are still the most popular, are ideal for every occasion. Notwithstanding the different colorways, they go with so many different outfits, which is one thing that some fashion sneakers have not been able to do.

In addition, they are fit for different activities. Even though they were initially designed for Michael Jordan to wear on the basketball court, they can still be worn to different occasions and events. That’s how versatile they are. In terms of other sports, the Air Jordan 1s make great skating sneakers.

Air Jordan

Different variations

Air Jordans boasts 35 different variations, one released each year since they debuted the market. This doesn’t even count the number of different colorways, retro variations, and collaborations with other brands. When you put that into the equation, it comes to well over two hundred different types of Air Jordans in the market.

With so many different types come countless options. This means that there is something for everyone despite taste or preferences. If you are looking for an Air Jordan that is a bit of you, best believe that you will find it somewhere out there. 


Air Jordan has strived to collaborate with so many different celebrities and other streetwear brands. These collaborations tend to appeal to the masses because they allow having the best of both worlds and who wouldn’t love that? A good example is a collaboration with Off-White, an Italian luxury fashion label. Off-White has lots of fans around the world, and most of them love Air Jordan as well. So, when you combine the two, you bring together two things that a lot of people love. Why wouldn’t there be any hype when you do that?

Other notable Air Jordan collaborations include the one with Eminem and Air Jordans 4 in 2005 and then with Air Jordan 2 in 2008, the collaboration with Supreme, another streetwear brand, the various collaborations with Travis Scott for the Air Jordan 1 and then for Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 6 and so many other collaborations will notable artists including Drake and DJ Khaled.

Limited Releases

For most Air Jordans, production is usually limited. This means that they are released as limited editions, and there isn’t enough to go around for everyone who wants one. As a result, there is usually so much buzz and hype whenever Nike announces that they will be dropping a new pair of Air Jordans. The limited production also plays a massive role in driving up the initial retail price and even more the resale price because anyone who missed a pair when they first released will be more than willing to go leaps and bounds to get one. This is why the resale value of some old Air Jordan sneakers that were released over a decade ago can still be well above the region of $10,000.

air jordan

What They Mean to People

To many people, Air Jordans are not just a shoe. They represent a lot more. They represent an entire culture. They stand for one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the NBA courts. To these people, owning a pair means a lot; they get to be part of history. Holding a pair of Jordans back in the day was something they couldn’t imagine to other people. But now that they can afford to buy one for themselves, there’s a feeling of nostalgia that you just can’t describe.

How They Burst on To the Scene

Air Jordans made their debut is unarguably one of the main reasons they are so excited even up to date. There was some controversy surrounding them and the NBA, making people want to be part of the movement. It also coincided with the start of the best NBA careers up to date—Michael Jordan. There honestly couldn’t be a better way to introduce sneakers to the market, and it is safe to say that they changed the sneaker game forever.

The Air Jordan history means a lot to many people for so many different reasons. While it may be puzzling how they still have the same hype they did 35 years ago when they debuted, it is no wonder why they are still universally popular.

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