Always Down for an Adventure: 9 Fun Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s date one or date one thousand, date night is always an opportunity to do something fun and even a little unexpected. It’s a great way to introduce a little bit of fun and variety in both your life and your dates. But that means you’ve got to answer the question: What, exactly, are you going to do?

That can be a surprisingly challenging nut to crack, especially if you’ve settled into a comfortable routine with your significant other, or if you’re nervously selecting an idea for a first date. These ideas will take you beyond the typical dinner and a movie to find something a little bit more special that will help you make some great date night memories.


Nothing brings people together like music, and karaoke is the perfect way to show off your musical stylings for your date. Find a bar that has a karaoke night, rent a room at a karaoke bar (great for double or triple dates) or just use a karaoke machine to belt out your favorite tunes at home. Just don’t take it too seriously—remember that the goal isn’t to prove who’s the best singer, but to vibe with your favorite music and watch your date vibe with theirs.


Shopping for treasures in antique stores can be a fun and unique way to score some cool home decoration pieces while spending time together. There’s a treasure trove of neat stuff waiting in the thousands of antique stores out there, and you can make some great memories by seeking out the weird and wonderful.

Plot out a couple of antique shops to hit ahead of time, and remember that you might need to make this a day date since antique stores rarely stay open late. It may not be the ideal date for the ultra-minimalist, but for collectors and those who enjoy the cultural treasures of the past, antiquing is hard to beat.

Fun Date Night Ideas

Trivia Night

Bar trivia is a great way to show off the knowledge of your favorite subjects, knock back a few drinks and engage in a little friendly competition with other teams. You might even be able to win some cool prizes! Most urban or suburban areas have bars that feature trivia nights, so you should be able to find one in your area. If you’re having trouble locating one, try looking up trivia nights in your area hosted through a trivia events organization like Geeks Who Drink.

Motorcycle Ride

If one or both of you ride a motorcycle, it can be great fun to take a ride together. Whether you’re riding separate bikes or as rider and passenger, riding motorcycles together will help you develop communication and riding skills that can improve both your ride and your relationship. Grab a motorcycle headset so you can stay in communication while you ride, and make sure you both know the basics of motorcycle passenger safety if you’re riding two on a bike.

People Watching

If you want cheap and interesting at the same time, it’s hard to beat grabbing a coffee or a beer and posting up in a public place to watch people live their lives. Watch for a few minutes, and you’re sure to spot something interesting–like a reunion between old friends, someone in a wild outfit, or a child learning to walk. If you’re creatively inclined, try making up stories about the small human dramas in the lives of the people you see. Just make sure to switch up who you’re looking at so you don’t make any other folks uncomfortable, and resist the temptation to be too harsh on anyone—we’re all out here doing our best, after all.

Learn Something New

Ever wanted to learn rock climbing, leatherworking, or yoga? Why not choose your next date night as the perfect opportunity to learn about an activity that interests both of you? Participating in a new hobby or sports class can be an excellent way to make new friends and pick up hobbies that you could fall in love with. Services like Groupon offer a great way to find interesting introductory classes near you at affordable prices or try Meetup’s Courses and Workshops section.

Art Galleries

Art enriches our lives and broadens our minds, and it can be a great thing to enjoy with your date. Many galleries have fun events like receptions for new exhibits that often feature music and beverages, so check social media sites to learn about exciting art gallery events near you. You might even find a beautiful art piece that you can’t live without!

Board Games

For those looking for a relaxing night in, board games are an excellent option. Invite some friends over for multiplayer classics like Catan, or check out a list of the best two-player board games if you want an experience for just the two of you. Board games are also a one-time purchase that you can come back to again and again whenever you’re bored and want to spend some time together.

Building a Fire

If you’ve got a fire pit, a backyard fire can be a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. (If you don’t have a fire pit, lots of instant fire pit setups are available online!) Set up a few chairs around the fire and tell stories, chat or enjoy a few drinks. If you feel like having a snack, roast hot dogs or make s’mores for a fire-grilled treat. Plus, a fire will keep you warm if temperatures outside are chilly.

Date night doesn’t have to be more of the same. These ideas are just the beginning. Try a few of them out and then take note of what you like. The more you use your creative muscles when coming up with date ideas, the easier it will be to do in the future.

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