Unique Date Night Ideas

It happens to even the most romantic of us – running out of date night ideas that don’t involve dinner and a movie. Do not misunderstand, dinner and a movie can be a great time, which is why it’s become a classic go-to. But with variety being the spice of life, sprinkling in some new activities between dinner & a movie/Netflix & chill nights is crucial in every relationship.

With that said, here are a few date night ideas that can shake things up a bit and add a little more fun and romance to your relationship.

Game Night for Two

Why wait for your friends to be free to enjoy one of the more exciting nights on the calendar? From cards to trivia to board games, there are plenty of options to go head-to-head for relationship bragging rights and/or crazy dares as punishments.

The key is not to skimp – set up your game night as you would if you were hosting for friends, i.e., put out a cheese board, popcorn, nachos, etc., make sure there are plenty of ‘refreshments,’ get the timer ready and have plenty of game options. Some ideas include:

  • classic board games – Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble
  • card games – Gin, Blackjack, heads-up Texas Hold’em
  • arcade games
  • couples’ trivia games
  • conversation starter games
  • adult board games

By doing a game night on date night, not only do you get to enjoy the fun, but you and your partner get to slip in some practice before your next couples’ game night!

Be Tourists in Your Own City

Date Night

If you’re like most, you probably haven’t done the well-known tourist traps in your city (in fact, you might actively avoid them) since you saw them on field trips in grade school.

The good news is, enough time has passed that even if you remember the ‘story’ behind some of these places, chances are you’ll learn something new (or something you missed); gain an appreciation for the architecture, history, etc., as an adult that you were too bored to pay attention to as a kid; or the attraction has been updated and is a lot cooler now than it was those many years ago.

Seeing those tourist attractions with new eyes can make you and your partner fall in love with your city again, strengthen your relationship and give you the chance to finally buy those cheesy souvenirs you wanted but couldn’t afford as a kid.

Go on a Foodie Tour

Put a new spin on the classic dinner date and add a little adventure by going on a food tour or a “foodie tour/ foodie trail.” You can choose them by location, type of food (or drink), guided or self-guided tours, vegan tours, and, of course, “secret” tours to discover those off-the-beaten-path eateries in your city. Some of the more interesting tours you can find in Ontario include:

  • apple pie tours
  • butter tart tours
  • cheese trails
  • bacon and ale tours
  • tours guided by culinary experts

Make a Date Night Jar

This is a chance for you and your partner to get creative and write out your “bucket list” ideas for dates/adventures you’ve always wanted to go on. Write them out on scraps of paper on a night when the ideas are flowing or anytime an idea strikes. Then, on those nights you’re struggling to come up with a plan, reach into the jar and let fate decide for you!

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