Campervan Vs Tent Camp – Know The Differences

Going on a camping trip is always a fun experience. This is because camping trips are a great way to experience mother nature and also explore new places. Since you’ll not be tied to one hotel, you can stay anywhere you want (even in remote areas).

But, you might be confused as to which solution would be the ideal choice for your camping needs – a tent for camping or a campervan. Well, we will help you to choose the ideal option so that you can enjoy your camping in the best possible way.

All About Campervans

According to a service provider offering campervans for sale in Colorado, renting a campervan is the most economical & convenient way to go out on a camping trip. The best thing about campervans is that – you can park them anywhere you want – and you don’t need to book parking sites for the same. Moreover, driving a campervan is also very easy – it’s like driving an SUV or a van.

Most campervans these days come equipped with kitchen sinks, refrigerators, stoves, beds, and much more, allowing you to eat and stay peacefully inside the campervan. Hence, if you’re looking to travel to multiple destinations for your camping trip, a campervan is the best possible solution for the same.



  • Campervans are very effortless to drive and park anywhere you want.
  • Beds and kitchen set-up are included with the campervan.
  • Refrigerator units are provided with campervans, which means there’s no need to replenish ice in coolers.
  • Campervans can fit most tent sites inside camper grounds and can even travel off-road to more remote areas.
  • The overall gas costs will be lower than running an RV.
  • You can create fun-looking paint jobs on your campervan.
  • Campervan rentals and all your other camping needs can be fulfilled by a single service provider.

All About Tent Camping

Otherwise known as the ‘traditional camping trip’, tent camps are great for people who already own the necessary camping gear (such as sleeping bags, tents, etc.). However, you must note that the cheapest way to travel for tent camps is to have your vehicle. Renting a vehicle for traveling can easily make the trip costly.

Furthermore, one of the significant cons of tent camping is that – you have to sleep on the ground at night. Even with a sleeping pad, the process could be uncomfortable and if the weather plays a spoilsport (rain or snow), then it can become more annoying.

Tent Camping


  • Highly portable and can go anywhere.
  • Can accommodate large groups of people.
  • Tent campsites can prove to be cheaper inside camper grounds.
  • Highly inexpensive, provided you have your camping gear and vehicle.

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