Can You Fall In Love With Someone You Met Online?

Is it possible to form a love connection with someone you’ve yet to meet in person? Witnessing the unfolding of such a relationship or experiencing it yourself, you probably already know the answer to that question.

Fostering romantic relationships online is no longer the taboo concept it was years back. Many are seeing how it can work in tandem with the traditional approach to benefit the search for a mate. Let’s say if you want to meet Russian girls, American girls, Canadian girls or men for something casual or long-term, you can begin your quest on dating websites or apps free of judgment.

Why Online Love Connections Are Possible

Whether you’re an onlooker or a participant in a relationship that began online, you might be curious how one actually falls in love in these scenarios. That’s what we’ll give a lowdown of today to help you decide whether or not to give “love in the virtual world” a try.

Despite the superficiality surrounding the internet, it’s still possible to make authentic connections with a careful and well-thought-out approach. Here’s why:

An Immediate Connection

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Immediate romantic connections in in-person meetups can be magical, but they’re also quite rare. Normally, an initial meeting would have both strangers getting a feel of the other on a superficial level to see if something can come out of it. Hence, the jury is still out on whether or not you’d want to see the person again.

Virtual connections are designed not to waste your time on this aspect. Online dating platforms allow you to peruse participants’ profiles to see who has what you’re looking for in an ideal mate. Thus, you can put yourself out there for multiple potential partners, effectively increasing your chances of finding “the one.”

Online dating offers different hubs for singles with shared interests to connect and communicate. This prelude to a meeting in person can potentially strengthen a relationship even more. After all, it introduces an element that usually doesn’t come until late in relationships with traditional beginnings—distance.

The virtual world could also render superficial turnoffs inconsequential, both in the initial and eventual meeting. That’s because, by the time you meet in person, superficial hang-ups may no longer matter. In fact, you might not even take notice of them.

Lastly, there’s the fact that online communication doesn’t just involve written-word exchanges. It can also include video chat, voice, and other mediums for communication. There’s no shortage of virtual forums through which you can foster connections with fellow participants.

A Good Chance of Finding “The One”

When you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you, finding “the one” might not seem so important. Then, you reach your mid-30s and find you’re no closer to locating the ideal mate than you were a decade ago. Online dating may yet save your love life.

In a dating site or app, you’re pooled with a range of participants, from people you share interests with to those with completely different personalities. Thus, you can test your compatibility with individuals you would normally hesitate to connect with in person.

Besides, many of us know that it takes more than matching personalities to make a relationship last. You may yet find an authentic connection with someone you least expect.

There’s also something about meeting and talking to someone online, even if it’s as a friend at first, that solidifies a connection. So, when you eventually do meet, it’s like you’re getting together with an old friend. Everything is easy because there’s already an existing dynamic between you.

Love Is Blind

Face-to-face meetings bring their own set of stresses and challenges. Sometimes, getting to know someone from behind the keyboard helps eliminate the anxiety you would otherwise feel meeting him as a stranger.

Furthermore, false pretenses often taint the authenticity of in-person meetups because they give participants a false impression of each other. Thus, one could end up liking someone for what she thinks he is and not for who he really is. The last thing you want is to enter into a relationship based on a lie.

On the other hand, it can be so much easier to be yourself from behind the screen. When superficiality doesn’t get in the way, you can be more relaxed and show who you really are to your fellow participants. The same goes for the people you’re talking to on the other end, so neither of you gets a flawed idea of each other.

Navigate the Online Dating Scene With Caution

We’ve talked about “love” being blind in in-person meetups, but such can also be the case in virtual meetings. However, it’s more accurately described as plain deception than anything else.

Although most reputable online dating websites vet their applicants thoroughly, evil finds a way through even the most secure barriers. Thus, it’s always important to research and learn how to identify red flags. You want to strike the perfect balance between putting yourself out there and ensuring a safe space for yourself at the same time.

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