A Quick Guide On What to Gift Your Wife for Your Upcoming Anniversary

Buying a gift is always a difficult task, especially when you are having to pick something for your wife on your anniversary. So to help make things easier for you, here is a quick guide on what to gift your partner on your upcoming anniversary.

A Simple Card and Flower Bouquet

Sometimes, it is not the gifts that matter, rather it is the gesture that counts. No matter how small or trivial it is, these gestures are what keep relationships going, and help put a smile on your partner’s face.

If it’s your 5th anniversary then 5th anniversary gifts like​​​​​​​ a flower bouquet, along with an anniversary greeting card, is the simplest, yet one of the most adored, gift combinations of all time. Despite its simplicity, the gift speaks volumes of how much your wife or partner means to you. Include a small letter with the card expressing your feelings towards your wife. The bouquet should house flowers that are dear to your loved one.

A large bouquet will cost you upwards of $20. Prices will vary depending on the choice of flowers. You can also get a lovely vase with the bouquet for anything around $50.

Engraved Champagne Flutes

Engraved champagne flutes or glasses are some of the most exquisite anniversary gifts you can find. The flutes allow you to keep things classy while the engraved text can deliver a short and sweet message to your beloved, or it could simply have your names imprinted on the glasses.

Prices of these flutes and glasses vary from $50 all the way up to $300, depending on the design. Keep a budget of around $100 to $150, and you will surely find something up to your standards.

Engraved Champagne Flutes

A Sapphire Ring

Gifting your wife jewelry is arguably the best way to win her heart. And while diamonds might seem like the go-to option, why not surprise her and give her something like sapphires instead?

A diamond ring, although beautiful in its own right, is nothing compared to sapphire ones. And in case you are worried about the price tag, you can check out the sapphire engagement rings that Leibish has to offer. Prices start at less than $3,000.

For that, you will get a beautiful sapphire stone on a platinum band. You can also opt for rose gold or white gold bands, along with different cuts like cushion, oval, or round. In these cases, however, the total price will go up, and you will have to spend a lot more than what you originally intended.

Of course, price should not be a factor when you plan on giving your wife her dream ring. And what better gemstone to give her than the ones the late Princess Diana herself adored?

Throw Her a Surprise Party

A house party should make for an amazing gift, especially if your wife loves surprises. You do not need to book a venue for this or invite everyone you guys know.

Keep things simple, decorate the house a bit, and invite your closest friends, relatives, and neighbors. A nice dinner followed by a couple of rounds of drinks should make for a splendid evening with your loved one, surrounded by the closest people in your lives.

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Take Her Out for Dinner

Not everyone likes surprises or house parties. So instead, you can take your wife out for a lovely dinner. It does not have to be a fancy restaurant or fine-dining place.

Instead, opt for something you and your wife will be comfortable with. Be it your local McDonalds or Wendy’s, or a Michelin Star restaurant, the key is to enjoy some quality time with your loved one. So it is not the place that should matter, rather the company.

Get Matching Bracelets

Matching bracelets, although not that expensive, can still appeal to your partner. You can get regular bracelets, as well as engraved metal ones. The regulars will cost you around $30, while the engraved ones are likely to cost upwards of $50, depending on the type of metal they are using.

Like the bouquet or champagne flutes, matching bracelets are more about the gesture than the actual gift itself. So find something that is appealing and has a romantic feeling in it. You need not go for something plain or boring. Amazon has a ton of styles and designs to choose from. So in case you are having trouble finding the right type of bracelets, you should check it out.

And that is all for this article. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you pick a beautiful gift for your wife, and allow you to enjoy another year of togetherness.

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