Car Window Tinting: Why You Should Never DIY

Car window tinting is an affordable way of making your car pop. Window tinting is one of the most popular decorative additions to vehicles, with the global tinting market being worth an estimated $3.65 billion.

Yet millions of car owners make the mistake of attempting to apply window tinting themselves at home. At face value, the process of applying window film seems simple enough. Why not save money? Here are the reasons why applying your own window tinting is always a mistake.

Damaging Your Car Windows

The biggest reason why DIY window tinting is a terrible idea is the risk of permanently damaging your windows. Etching, breaking, scratching, and damaging your car windows is a real consequence of attempting to stick window tint to your windows.

The damage occurs because of applying too much pressure or using a blade to remove and reapply the film. In addition, car owners are notorious for causing scrapes and scratches to their windows throughout this process.

The only repair for this problem is to replace the car window and have a professional apply the tint. If you live in Grapevine, TX, you can search for window tinting in Grapevine, TX for hiring a professional who specializes in window tinting. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in the long run, it can save you money.

Professionals with years of experience in applying window tint guarantee a pristine finish, and they are responsible for any damage caused if they make a mistake. Taking it out of your hands is the simplest way to preserve your car and wallet.

Selecting the Wrong Auto Tinting

Do you believe that the only difference between window tints is the extent of the tint? If so, this is a great reason to employ a professional.

The auto tinting market is huge, with everything from standard window tint products to innovative carbon and ceramic window tinting. Every type of tint has its own pros and cons you need to weigh up before applying anything to your windows.

Talking the issue over with a professional can help you understand which product is right for you so you don’t inadvertently overspend.

Increase Your Risk of an Auto Accident

Car windows are not aesthetic features but key aspects of in-car safety for you and your passengers. Visual obstructions caused by the improperly applied film will only increase the chances of becoming involved in an accident.

Studies have shown that the chances of an accident increase when visibility is poor. Therefore, improperly applied tint enhances the risk of an accident occurring. Professionally applied tint should never impact your visibility in any weather condition.

Car Window Tinting

Breaking the Law

Every state has its own rules on the legal extent of auto tinting. Tint that is too dark on the wrong windows will lead to a ticket. Highway patrol divisions across the country have been stepping up their enforcement in recent years to target drivers with illegal tint.

Unfortunately, many tinting products available online are not compliant with the law. As a result, thousands of drivers purchase home DIY tinting kits every year, only to later discover that their tint is too dark for compliance within their state.

Tickets can run into thousands of dollars, particularly if you’re caught driving with illegal tints more than once.

Moreover, if you are found to have installed illegal tint and are involved in an accident, a greater portion of the liability will be assigned to you. Hiring a professional will ensure you are working with roadworthy auto tint.

High Skill Threshold

Installing window film is not like applying wallpaper at home. Window tint professionals require an extraordinary level of patience, skill, and precision to ensure that window tint has been installed correctly.

It’s not uncommon for people to become overwhelmed by the process of applying tint. A single mistake with the delicate film can ruin the whole job and your windows.

The skill threshold for applying tint correctly is exceedingly high and is another reason attempting the job yourself is an accident waiting to happen.

Devalue Your Car

The purpose of window tinting is to enhance the aesthetic of your car. Better-looking cars have a higher market value. If the time comes to sell your vehicle, you want to make sure that your tint increases rather than decreases the value of your vehicle.

Ugly and distracting tint reduces the car’s value because the new owner will need to pay to have it removed and reapplied. It’s not an exaggeration to say that poor tinting jobs can take thousands of dollars off the value of your car.

Your Car Will Look Terrible

The vast majority apply tinting for vanity. They want their tinting to make their cars look good. While auto tinting will reduce glare, lower the internal temperature of your car, and improve security, most people are searching for a better-looking vehicle.

A sleek and classy tinting job is a way to elevate your prized vehicle to the next level. But, unfortunately, the only way to get the finish you expect is to hire a professional. Unless you have previous experience with auto tinting, you will never get the finish you expect without the help and support of a professional.

The few hundred dollars of investment in getting an expert to do the job will pay dividends in the long run.


Auto tinting is a deceptively complicated job. The thin, delicate window film needs to be placed precisely, and mistakes can mean starting the whole job over. There’s no rescuing a poor tinting job without replacing the whole film and beginning fresh.

Take the time to seek out an automotive services provider you can put your trust in. To learn more about car window tinting, do your research and get some recommendations from friends and family.

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