Care Tips To Make Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Last

Proper maintenance and care are vital for the fine jewellery you own. Various factors can impact the colour and condition of your favourite jewellery pieces, for example, chemicals, environment, and body chemistry. The key to taking care of your sterling silver jewellery is to learn to wear, clean, and store them the right way. Regular inspection of the jewellery can also help determine any wear and damage to the pieces.

Sterling silver care is easy if you can follow the steps below:

Learn to clean it correctly

Properly cleaning fine jewellery is a vital part of its maintenance. It means the pieces you own will always look their best. Use the right cleaning solutions and cloths, as the wrong products can cause discolouration to the gems and metals, as well as damage the engravings and etchings. When it comes to polishing, use appropriate buffing garments and materials for it.

Avoid wearing your sterling silver when doing chores

While you enjoy wearing your jewellery as often as possible, there are instances that you need to remove them, so they maintain their lovely appearance. For example, if you are gardening, laundering, and cleaning. The chemicals in many products used for these chores can damage your fine jewellery. Certain chemicals can cause fading on the metals and gemstones. Besides the chemicals, your jewellery may be subjected to chips or scratches as you move around.

Protect it from too much heat and light

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or lighting can impact the materials of the jewellery, causing it to look old and outworn. It is not surprising as your skin may also change colour when there is too much exposure from the sun or excessive heat. Make sure to protect your jewellery pieces from these elements, so they can maintain their natural moisture.

It is best to put on the jewellery last

You will want to prevent your precious sterling silver from coming in contact with chemicals, as it may result in tarnishing. These chemical substances could be from your perfume, body lotion, cream, hair spray, deodorant, etc. There is no need to give them up, but allow some time before putting your fine jewellery on. When you need to reapply them during the day, take off your jewellery and keep it out of reach from the substances.

Do not wear them in the shower or when swimming

A hot tub or swimming pool usually has chlorine that can damage gems and tarnish metals easily. Soaking for an extended time in the water can also weaken the materials. In showering, the water and products you use in the bathroom like shampoo, conditioner, and soap can cause similar damage.

Store your jewellery in the right places

Often, you toss the pieces you wear on the nightstand because you are too tired or lazy. If you want your sterling silver to last longer, you need to store it in a cool, dark area at the end of the day. Otherwise, you may break or damage those pieces.

Experts suggest storing each piece in a separate box specifically designed for jewellery. Doing this reduces the chances of items scratching each other or getting tangled together. Storing them separately means they maintain their appearance and quality. As soon as you take them out of the box, they are ready to wear.

Whether you are collecting fine jewellery to keep up with the latest trends or simply a jewellery enthusiast, you must know how to care for those pieces to enjoy them for longer.

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