Comparing SmileDirectClub VS Byte: Expert Reviews On Home Aligners

According to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) done by the American Dental Association, the average yearly dental expenses among people who see a general practitioner dentist were $514. Dental costs averaged $1,755 among individuals who saw a specialist. Traditional orthodontic treatment can be even higher – often more than $5,000 – and for this reason, many adults have made due with misaligned teeth, despite the aesthetic and oral health benefits of a straighter smile.

With visits to the dentist being so expensive, companies have come up with a solution to help save on costs: at-home teeth straightening. Two of the companies that are providing this product are SmileDirectClub and Byte. So byte or smile direct club? Below we will review exactly what sets them apart from one another: Smile Direct vs Byte.

SmileDirectClub And Byte Compared


SmileDirectClub (SDC) began operations in 2014 and has already revolutionized the orthodontics sector, accounting for over half of the “at-home aligner” market. At this moment, SDC has well over 1 million customers and a 5-star Trustpilot rating. After Invisalign, it is the most popular brand of invisible aligners.

When you join SDC, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your teeth, including whether you have overcrowding, spacing, or an overbite. Once every 90 days, the Smile Direct Club will remotely monitor your teeth to ensure they are straightening properly.

Smile Direct is 60% less expensive than traditional braces, but $1,895 might still sound like a lot of money in some parts of the world, and the payment plan comes to $2,290 over two years. This means you’ll be paying an extra $395 if you can’t afford it all at once. SDC accepts HSA, FSA, and CareCredit insurance, bringing prices down to $795 or less. Many insurers do not cover cosmetic operations like this, therefore always verify with your provider. There are 391 studio locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries.


Byte’s all-day or all-night aligners allow you to choose how and when you wear your aligner. The company stands out from the competitors due to its lifetime warranty, free extras, and quicker treatment time thanks to its patented HyperByte equipment.

Byte is the only company that offers HyperByte, a proprietary high-frequency vibration device that can significantly cut treatment time. By using this technology, you get results in as little as two months. Teeth whitening and your first pair of retainers are included in the initial pricing of Byte’s treatment options, other retailers charge them separately.

There are two ways to pay for Byte. The Byte treatment plan costs $1,895 if paid in full upfront. Your specific treatment plan, aligners, the HyperByte device, a bottle of BrightByte, and your initial retainer are all included in the pricing.

A Guy Undergoing Teeth whitening

How A Striking Smile Can Be Advantageous

Investing in your smile can not only do wonders for your appearance and self-confidence, but it can be beneficial for your career as well. Your smile contributes to you becoming a more memorable person, and hence a more memorable brand. People recall happy faces more easily. People who saw a sequence of images of faces were more likely to remember smiling faces than angry faces, according to scientists Arnaud D’Argembeau and Martial Van der Linden.

Below we will discuss how investing in devices from SmileDirectClub or Byte can help you on a personal and a professional level. Many may not realize it, but your smile is linked to your personal brand. Here is how you can improve your brand:

1. Have A Clear Purpose

Anyone who wishes to be influential in the world must have a passion, a cause, or a specific goal that motivates them. This is the foundation of all effective personal branding and influencer marketing strategies. It’s not enough to expect people to follow you just because of who you are (at least in the beginning). Your personal brand should have some substance to it. If you are known for something specific, you are more likely to acquire followers.

2. Professional Photos

People’s perceptions of you are heavily influenced by images. Having professional-grade photos of excellent quality makes your brand stand out. In order to have the best possible photos, you need to look approachable in these photos. As mentioned above, your smile has a big influence on how people perceive you. In one of their articles, Smile Prep compares home aligners to find what company offers the best value for its customers. Investing in your smile can also boost interactions during video calls and meetings. A clean bright smile can go a long way.

3. Create A Unified Theme

The world’s best brands are exceedingly selective about what they put out into the world. A brand book is a document that advises a business on what colors, fonts, and logos to use when publishing. Invest in a logo and brand concept that you can utilize on all platforms.

Final Thought

When choosing between SmileDirectClub and Byte, any one of them will suffice. It all depends on what you prefer and what you can afford. All and all, investing in your smile is both profitable in your personal and business life.

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