Doing More For Your Customers: Six Simple Steps To Success

Happy customers are the heartbeat of any successful business. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your venture over the coming months, going the extra mile for clients is the obvious choice.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, customers have the casting vote on whether the company generates enough revenue. By taking a more customer-centric approach, then, you should be set for far greater rewards. Here are six simple ways to do more for them while also unlocking increased profits as a result.

#1. Make Them Aware Of Your Offerings

If you want customers to get more out of their relationship with your business, you have to show them how. Without awareness, they cannot discover the true potential of your products and services. As such, marketing campaigns must go beyond the simple objective of building brand awareness. 

Professional flyer printing is a great way to make consumers aware of upcoming promotional days or new services that you offer. Whether targeting local audiences or including them in packages for online sales, it is an effective way to help people take action. Whether it’s to attend a promo day or to book a consultation, it may allow clients to achieve more.

Similarly, social media can be a great way to make followers aware of upcoming events or additional services that they may not have known about. When combined with regular Google My Business updates, keeping consumers in the know is easy. And, ultimately, knowledge is power.

#2. Provide Personalisation

When customers look for products, they don’t necessarily need the biggest or most expensive brand. Instead, they need the one that gives them the most value. The only way to achieve this is to show that your goods are aligned with their pain points. A little personalization goes a long way to making it happen.

There are many ways to sell personalized products. One example is allowing users to put messages on a product or upload their own artwork for fashion items. It can also manifest through the ability to build customized packages rather than using standard bundles. Similarly, add-ons can be used for a range of retail products to create a bespoke solution.

Giving clients the best opportunity to gain the product that they actively want will help them fall in love with the brand. If nothing else, it makes them feel that the brand “gets them”. Whether the customization comes via self-serve solutions or from the support of your sales team is up to you. An instant difference will be seen.

#3. Solve Their Problems

customer service concept

When consumers have a chance to receive the best product for their needs, it will have a positive impact. However, actively enabling them to get more out of the items so that their problems can be solved is vital for longevity. An added focus on getting this aspect right will add value to the client.

The use of emerging custom service tech is particularly beneficial. Tools like AI allow users to get instant answers to their problems. Self-service portals offer convenience and control. Clients will appreciate the benefits. It can range from troubleshooting issues to learning about related products or add-ons. Quickly solving issues like delivery also helps.

Another great way to support consumers is to use explainer videos and other content. Teaching them how to troubleshoot or how to use certain features allows users to do more with the item. The added engagement, along with the fact it shows you care, will translate to increased client satisfaction.

#4. Help Them Live Better

Good companies deliver products that directly solve a consumer’s pain point. Great businesses position themselves as a brand that can actively help the client improve their overall quality of life. Therefore, adding value in ways that may not directly relate to the product can work wonders.

In today’s world, most people are conscious of protecting the planet. Becoming a socially responsible business is vital. It indirectly allows clients to reduce their impact on the environment. It will give them another reason to choose your products and services over the competition. Moreover, it will give them an extra sense of satisfaction, translating to loyalty. 

Whether it’s using renewables during manufacturing, recyclable parts, or green packaging is up to you. Either way, enabling clients to feel that they have made a positive difference delivers good outcomes for everyone. On a side note, it’s a move that impresses modern employees.

#5. Be Flexible With Transactions

Quality products sit at the heart of a client’s relationship with the brand. Still, the interactions and overall consumer experience require some attention. You already appreciate the fact that people want quick deliveries and regular communication. Automated updates and order tracking have subsequently become very valuable.

Consumers also want smooth transactions. Where possible, offering repayment plans for larger purchases can open the door to a bigger audience. Even if it means using Klarna, PayPal Credit, and other third parties, it’s worthwhile. Crucially, you must accept all credit/debit cards as well as online payment gateways. Or cash for offline sales.

Losing a sale because someone can’t complete a purchase with their available methods would be a disaster. For the best results, you should also look to have multiple languages available online. Or bilingual in-store employees where appropriate. For international sales, accepting payments in the local currency also aids the cause.

#6. Reward Loyalty

Finally, many businesses fall into the trap of focusing solely on new leads. Special promotions and tools used to attract new customers are often necessary. However, going the extra mile to reward loyal customers is equally vital. Not least because 80% of revenue comes from 20% of your client base.

The most obvious solution is to start a loyalty scheme or membership program. As well as providing increased value and a sense of exclusivity, it can impact sales. Consumers may spend more money per transaction and make more frequent purchases to unlock bonuses. They’ll be happier as a result of this, and it’ll certainly support the company too.

Loyal clients aren’t only the key to sustained success. If you give them a gentle push, they can become a great marketing asset too. Starting an affiliate scheme in which they gain commissions for referring new clients is a cost-effective option. A discount on their next purchase in return for a review is also ideal.

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