Excuses You Give To Avoid Workout And How to Overcome It

I have been working out for 10 years now, and yet there are days when I find one excuse or another to just skip exercise. Many of you will resonate with me as well. Here are a few common excuses we give to skip work out and tips to push yourself to overcome them.

Excuse 1- I am Bored of the Workout Environment:

It is common to get bored working out in the same gym for years. Humans always seek a change; hence going to the same gym for months may feel monotonous. Just to bring some change in the ambiance, why not change your gym?

You can get a Free Gym Pass to try out a new gym. The different ambiance may excite you and motivate you to work out. This also gives you the chance to explore what is new out there, and you can decide if you prefer working out in this gym better than in your old one.

Excuse 2- I Have Work to Finish:

It has happened to me many times that I have time for everything else the entire day, but as soon as I have to make out time for the workout, I feel it will affect my work and productivity. Out of 24 hours a day, finding out an hour for exercise is very easy.

If you have work to finish, be more focused on it throughout the day and not just when it is your workout time. Workout only improves productivity and will help your brain function faster. Hence, never skip gym just because you have extra work to finish. Instead, choose to miss watching your Netflix series for a day if you feel the need to find more time.

Excuse 3- I am Too Tired Today:

Lazy guy at home

If you have a physically strenuous job, then this excuse is valid. Also, when you get physically tired, it is best to take some rest. If your job is sedentary, you may be tired mentally, but that does not make you physically tired. This is all in your mind.

The workout will actually reduce the stress caused by work and make you feel more active later. The exercise will help reduce mental tiredness; hence, you should not skip it just because you feel mentally tired after your office work.

Excuse 4- I Have Other Commitments:

I have many times prioritized almost everything over my workout session. The truth is that if you have other commitments, you can take out some time earlier or later to just do some exercise. Be it half-hour walking or doing yoga at home.

The key is to incorporate some form of exercise at least five days a week. It need not be just a workout in the gym. You can also add some sports to your week to add variations to your workout routine.

The Bottom Line:

It is ok to skip workout sessions once or twice a week, but if you find yourself working out only twice a week, you have a motivation issue that you need to address. Focus on your goals and use the tips I have shared above to push yourself whenever you feel like dropping exercise entirely for the day.

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