Gift Ideas For Boys Who Are Turning 10

Turning 10 years old is an important milestone in a boy’s life. There are only a few precious years left until they enter their dreaded teen years, and before they disappear beneath a sea of temper tantrums and acne, it’s important to make these remaining years as joyful as possible!

No two children are the same, and one boy’s idea of a dream gift may be another boy’s nightmare. That’s why we’ve put together these gift ideas for all types of boys who are about to hit double digits. Find one that’s guaranteed to make your little man smile from our ideas below.

Gifts for boys who love to use their hands

Finding cool gifts for boys aged 10 is all about understanding what their interests are. If he loves to build things with his own two hands, there are several gifts that’ll not only inspire joy but will also keep him occupied for hours!

Whether it’s a build your own robot kit, a replica model of a famous world statue, or even a deluxe lego set, you’re giving him the tools to let his imagination go wild while providing a thoughtful gift he’ll continue to enjoy when it’s complete and on display.

Gifts for boys who love to read

A boy reading

If you’re buying for a little bookworm, then you’ve got many options at your fingertips. Young adult books are hugely popular these days, with a wide range of options and genres for him to get stuck into.

For a wildcard idea, an age-appropriate book subscription service will provide him with a brand new book every month, delivered straight through the letterbox!

Gifts for boys who love to learn

Boys who have a thirst for knowledge at an early age will keep that passion for learning with them forever, as long as it’s encouraged and developed.

There are science sets, telescopes, microscopes, and even brain teaser puzzles to keep young learners on their toes. Expanding on their knowledge is a gift that’ll pay off for them later in life, time and time again.

Gifts for boys who love adventure

Turn every field, forest, and garden into an adventure playground with some fun-filled explorer kits or a book that encourages them to list bugs or animals they find in the great outdoors.

This small step into a local park will become one giant leap into a boy’s imagination, as he searches for different types of plants and animals.

Gifts for boys who are shy

If you’re shopping for a boy who finds it a little more difficult to make friends or socialize in the playground, you may be able to find a few gift ideas that’ll help initiate a conversation at school. A joke book or a fun card game that’s for more than one player is a great way to make new friends on the playground.

Perhaps you’re buying for a shy boy who is perfectly happy spending time alone? Then a large puzzle or a paint by numbers project may be ideal for them to happily work away on by themselves.

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