No Inspiration? No Problem! 5 Gift Basket Ideas That Deliver Joy

Getting the perfect gift for someone can be oh so difficult, no matter the occasion. “Will they find it useful? What if someone else already got them the same thing? And what if it looks cheap and low-effort?” – these are just some of the questions plaguing us.

But after years of Christmas dinners, birthdays, housewarming parties, baby showers, and Mother’s and Father’s days, I’ve discovered something that always seems to be appreciated – gift baskets.

Why Are Baskets Such a Great Gift Option?

Gift baskets allow you to include a bunch of things instead of settling for just a single gift. This way, you can make your giftee even more excited as they discover the multiple gifts one by one. And even if you do accidentally include something they already have or don’t need or like, chances are that they’ll still love the rest of the hamper. Coupled with a creative presentation and a heartwarming personal message, there really is no better way to make someone smile!

So, if you’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to put together the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or family member, here’s a list of ideas to jump-start your creativity. I’ve made sure to only include things that are easy to find and within an acceptable budget range so you can arrange the basket yourself. But if you also lack the time in addition to inspiration, you can always opt for a convenient gift basket delivery and have it sent right to your giftee’s doorstep when they’re least expecting it.

Make a Chocolate Lovers’ Dream Come True


Is there anyone who can say ‘no’ to chocolate? Make their special day even more special by indulging them with a scrumptious chocolate hamper. And when I say scrumptious, I don’t mean just throwing in some random chocolate bars into the hamper and calling it a day. Show the recipient you went out of your way to make them smile by selecting some of the finest Australian choccies.

For instance, you can add some beloved classics like Grandpa Joe’s pretzels, honeycomb, and Clangers. For some fun variety, toss in some chocolate snakes, eggs, or malt balls. And for a refreshing fruity chocolate blend, you can add some Rowe & Hunt toffee apple sweets or raspberry drops. Such a mix of decadent Australian choccies is pure indulgence!

Make Them Feel Extra Special With an Edible Bouquet Hamper

Flower bouquets are the go-to gift options, but have you heard about edible bouquets? Edible bouquets can consist of any sweet or salty treat you can think of from the above-mentioned chocolates to doughnuts, pretzels, mozzarella sticks, strawberries, champagne, beer, etc. And the best thing about these bouquets is that unlike flowers they won’t spoil after a few days. So, if the giftee has the self-control not to eat everything up right away, they can use the bouquet as part of their home decoration.

But where to buy edible bouquet hampers now with all the social distancing and imposed restrictions? Well, just like with everything else, you can simply order such a gift basket online. Take the time to browse the range of gift basket delivery services that specialize in creating beautiful and tasty bouquets for all kinds of occasions from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, and Easter.

Some of them might even allow you to create a personalized hamper by adding a type of treat or drink that the recipient loves. You can also include a nice message and some stickers with their name.

Say Cheers With a Wine and Dine Basket

What can be a better gift than the eternal symbol of celebration – wine. When it comes to gift-giving, wine is often the safest choice – it looks expensive but can be affordable; it’s sophisticated but not too snobby. However, if you really want your wine gift to stand out, you can have a personalized hamper built around it.

Start by picking out the right wine bottle. Everyone has a favorite type of wine, and if you’ve spent some time with the recipient you probably know theirs. If not, consider their lifestyle choices. For instance, if they’re into healthy habits, they will love a bottle of organic wine and the health benefits it offers.

Then, add some tasty wine pairings. Cheese is a great match for any type of wine from red to sparkling. Include a mouth-watering collection of hard and soft cheeses like Gouda, Camembert, goat cheese, Halloumi, and mozzarella. You can also opt for a regional pair of Barossa Valley wine and cheese.

A Pamper Hamper Is the Kind of Gift Everyone Needs Right Now

2020 and 2021(so far) have been stressful, to say the least. Give your friend, relative, or loved one a thoughtful pamper hamper made up of items that can help them unwind and kiss stress goodbye (at least for a few hours). This can be a lovely arrangement of hygge-like things in the example of soft knitted socks, luxurious bath bombs, rich body lotions, a cozy bamboo blanket, herbal tea, or even a good book that can instantly transport them to a better reality when times are tough.

Get Them Out in the Open with a Ready-Made Picnic Basket

Is your giftee tired of a whole year of remote working and just sitting at home watching Netflix? Even if we’ve managed to turn the home into a relaxing oasis, everyone needs to get out from time to time and enjoy the fresh air. And what better way to do so than go on a picnic?

Motivate your giftee to take some time off and visit some of the amazing picnic spots with a picnic basket. Order a basket specially designed for people to enjoy some special treats when basking in the outdoors. It will usually include some sparkling wine, creamy cheese, chocolate goodies, and other cute Instagram-worthy treats.

You can also have the basket arranged yourself, just make sure to pick out some quality picnic treats like Barossa Valley crispbreads and cheese. Who can turn down a picnic like that?

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