Highly Effective Cardio Exercises To Tone Stomach

Losing additional fat weight & toning your belly is the most common fitness goal that people want. It is frustrating to get rid of that. A high percentage of body fat around your stomach can pose serious health risks. According to research, increased belly fat leads to cardiovascular problems.

Behind sculpted abdominal muscles, there are three essentials that are clean eating, fat-burning cardio exercises, and smart strength workouts. Cardio is created equally when it comes to burning down belly fat. Here are some cardio exercises that are highly effective in toning your stomach and you can do it at your home after getting in your bodybuilding outfit.

1) High Knees

High Knee is a cardio-intensive workout that is performed at a fast pace. It works on your core, while strengthening all the muscles in your lower body, and gets your heart beating rate up while improving momentum, coordination & flexibility. After putting on your bodybuilding clothes,

Stand this workout by standing on your feet hip-distance apart. Lift up your left knee to your chest. Then start lifting your left knee closer to your chest. And then right after setting it back.

After that step, your right foot out, and then left. Repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction at a high pace and keep on doing the workout for 30 seconds.

2) Crossover Crunch

It is an ab-toning workout that engages your full-core. It also supports your spine, improves your posture & helps in managing and reducing back pain. Start this workout by taking a deep breath & focusing on your abdominal muscles. Lie down straight on the mat, and make your whole body aligned in a straight line form. From the top to your tailbone.

Then place both of your hands at the back of your head, and your elbows out. Then inhale by crossing the left leg over the right while resting the left ankle on your knee. Then exhale your breath by contracting your abdominal muscles & start rising your upper body slowly off the mat. Then start twisting your torso slowly to the left while you squeeze your abdominal muscles and bring your right elbow close to your left knee and make them touch. Inhale your breath and slowly lower down your upper body on the mat. After you completed your targeted number of reps for a side, switch & perform the same exercise for the other side as well.

3) Mountain Climbers

It is a great workout for building your cardio endurance, developing core strength, & agility. Mountain climbers make you work on all the major muscle groups in your body. It is more like a total body workout. As it is a cardio workout, it will also improve your cardio-vascular health while burning a great number of calories.

Start this workout after Getting into a plank-like position, make sure you distribute your whole-body weight evenly among your hands & toes. Both of your hands should be at your shoulder-width apart, abs engaged, back flat, & head aligned. Then pull the right knee closer to your chest. Switch the legs, pulling each knee out & bringing the other knee in. While keeping your hips down, run both of your knees in & out as far as possible. Keep on alternating inhaling & exhaling as you switch legs.

4) Burpees

Burpees are a full body cardio workout that burns down excess body fat and maintains your overall health. Burpess reaps you many cardio benefits, that includes, stronger heart & lungs, regulates your blood flow, lower down your risks of heart disease & diabetes, improves your cholesterol levels and brain function. Start this workout by going in a squat-like position with both of your knees bent, and your back held straight, & you stand on your feet shoulder-width apart.

Then start lowering down your hands close to the ground at your front and make them go inside your feet. With all of your weight exerted on your hands, kick both of your feet back in a way that you are on the hands & toes like a pushup position. Make sure you keep your whole body straight from, & do a pushup. Do not let the back sag or stick the butt out in the air. Perform a quick frog kick and jump on your feet back to the position they started. Stand & try reaching your arms overhead. Jump quickly and as you land back turn into a squat position.

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