How Can I Support My Friend’s Desire To Get Sober?

When a friend is going through recovery, it can be challenging to know the right way to provide support without overstepping personal boundaries. To help your friend remain encouraged, here are some ways you can provide adequate support.

Stay Away from Triggering Environments

Stay away from triggering environments that activate cravings. If your friend is abstaining from alcohol, you should do the same whenever you are around them. Avoid hangout spots that encourage drinking or remind the person of drinking. Avoid discussing social outings that involve drinking with your friend as well.

Tell Them You’re Proud

Inform your friend that you are aware of how difficult overcoming addiction is. Tell them how proud you are of them for sticking to the process. They will be glad to have your support and will feel validated that you acknowledged how challenging the process is. The expectation of getting sober is rigid, so having some compassion will help your friend feel supported.

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Spend Time Together Outside of drug rehab center

When your friend is not at their drug rehab center, spend time with them to give them a respite from treatment. Your friend will likely want to blow off steam, so choosing fun and sober activities to do together is a great way to show your support. You can go to a coffee shop or take a walk together and make new memories that encourage sober living. If you’re searching for a dedicated alcohol treatment center for your friend, The Edge Treatment is one of the excellent choices you can make today.

Encourage Healthy Behaviors

When you’re spending time with your friend, ask them to do things with you that support their recovery. For example, you could ask them to go on a hike with you, grab a healthy lunch, or take a yoga class with you. Showing your friend that you are also interested in health and wellness will make them feel that they are not alone and will make it easier for them to stick to all of the changes taking place in their life.

Avoid Problematic Behavior

Many people who struggle with one addiction are vulnerable towards others. If your friend is recovering from alcoholism, it’s a good idea not to smoke around them because smoking could trigger a new addictive interest in place of the alcohol. Be sober around your friend so that they can keep themselves focused on their recovery.

Celebrate the Victories

As your friend accumulates time being sober, celebrate milestones with them. On their tenth day, get them a cake, and on their one month, take them out to eat. The more support you can show, the better they will feel about their recovery and your ability to stick by them.

Supporting a friend’s desire to get sober requires that you balance support with an awareness of triggers. Helping your friend stay on the right path will require you to act with as much sobriety as they are whenever you are around them. If you follow these steps, you are doing all you can to show your friend how much you care.

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