How Men Can Level Up Their Look With Accessories

Men’s fashion embraces many styles. Whether you prefer to wear classic, well-cut suits or you usually wear a more casual and simple street style, you can look good in anything. The trick to looking good is usually putting a bit of thought into your outfit, making sure it fits properly, and wearing it with confidence.

But there’s something else you can do to level up your outfit. Add some accessories.

Why Accessorize

Accessories are used to personalize your style, turning a cookie-cutter outfit into something that’s undeniably you. When worn correctly, they turn a perfectly functional but empty and incomplete outfit into a complete package.

Also, accessories draw people’s attention, breaking up your outfit slightly. This is why the right accessories matter so much. If your otherwise stylish outfit is interrupted by an accessory that doesn’t work, it distracts from everything else that you’re doing right. But a good accessory can level it up entirely. Here are some men’s accessory ideas.

1. Watches

Audemars Piguet

Almost every man owns a watch, and a quality watch adds a healthy helping of class to your outfit. For example, this Audemars Piguet watch collection embraces the fantastic craftsmanship and sleek, modern design exemplified by quality Swiss watches.

2. Eyewear

For some men, glasses are a necessity. However, they can elevate an outfit, so if you must wear glasses, then pick a quality pair that suits your face. Otherwise, every man needs sunglasses. They keep the sun from your eyes and, if you choose wisely, can look good doing it.

3. Ties

If you’re attending a formal event, then your tie needs to impress. It shouldn’t clash with your suit and shirt, but should instead bring everything together in a unified and classy look. Whether you like striped ties, plain ties, or highly patterned ties, there are options for everyone.

4. Jewelry

Mens Jewelry

Technically, watches are considered jewelry, but they deserved a category on their own. Men can also wear watches, necklaces, bracelets, and piercings. Pick something that speaks to you.

5. Hats

A good hat can keep the hot sun off your head in summer, keep you warm in winter, and make you look good all year round. There are a huge variety of hat styles to choose from, just make sure that you wear them properly. Wear the appropriate hat for the occasion.

6. Belts

Belts are functional, as they hold your pants up and improve how they fit. But they’re also fashionable. A quality belt with a stylish belt buckle can create a sense of unity in your outfit while breaking it up slightly.

7. Gloves

Gloves are functional, first and foremost. They should keep your hands warm. But some gloves can also create a sense of class to your outfit, while others scream cool and casual. Just match them correctly for the best effect.

8. Scarves

Scarves are another accessory designed for function first, but a scarf can easily add a pop of color to your outfit and another texture. Just match it to the weather, heavy scarves in summer are odd.

9. Aluminum Wallet

Modern men level up their look by carrying an aluminum wallet. Aluminum wallets are military-grade wallets with exceptional durability and minimalistic design. Moreover, they have a radio frequency identification (RFID) feature. This feature prevents unauthorized activation of credit card chips in contactless payment transactions.

Upgrade your leather wallet to a premium aluminum RFID-safe wallet. This men’s fashion trend can make you stand out.

10. Multi-Tool Keyholders

Multi-tool keyholders are innovative tools suitable for men who want to level up their look. They consist of different tools, such as a bottle opener, a pocket clip, a cutter, and a mini screwdriver in one keyholder.

Having a multi-tool keyholder comes in handy when you need to open or repair something unexpected, as boy scouts do. You can use the multi-tool keyholder as an accessory by hooking it to your jeans, belt, or bag’s metal buckle or zipper.


Men can accessorize to upgrade their overall look even with functional items. You can wear a watch, hat, jewelry, belt, gloves, scarf, tie, and eyewear to make you more good-looking. Of course, don’t forget your aluminum wallet and multi-tool keyholder. They can help you safeguard your financial data and money, and you have something to use when an emergency strikes, truly giving you that debonair and dauntless look.

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