10 Simple Street Style Looks for Men

In a season that was more about visuals than ever before, stylists and fashion-forward thinking gentlemen alike wondered how the pandemic would shape how we dress. We saw the answer in the streets and not on the runway, as unique individuals took fashion into their own hands.

The result was street style, which is a celebration of personal style. Let’s read on to find out what’s going on with this trend and some of the best brands to look out for.

What is Street Style Fashion?

At its core, street-style fashion is about gritty self-expression. It’s an opportunity to show the world who you are through your clothes without having to conform to anyone else’s standards or expectations.

Additionally, street style is often seen as more accessible than high fashion. It’s also about being comfortable in your own skin and not being afraid to experiment with new trends. It’s about having fun with fashion and not taking it too seriously.

So, when it comes to this bold style, the everyday man that ascribes to it is more interested in expressing their individuality than keeping up with what other people are wearing.

10 Simple Street Style Looks for Men

The street style trend ushered in a new era of fashion where people are sporting big themes that include layers upon layers, clashing patterns, vibrant color-blocking prints, and strange geometric stylings that are fueled by our desire to get more use out of our wardrobe.

For 2022, brands like Acne Studios and Off-White feature street style look in their collections. Key street style pieces that are some of our personal go-to’s in their lines include loose-fitting jeans, oversized shirts, and hoodies—easy, relaxed looks, in other words.

There are many different brands that exemplify street style fashion for men, and we’ve listed ten of them that are our favorites.

1. Acne Studios


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Acne Studios Instagram

Acne Studios features loose-fit jeans, psychedelic printed pants, and more. Their flared trousers have prints inspired by vintage ’70s style, and their chunky sweaters and relaxed fit coat are perfect for layering. The hoodie in the image is giving us sort of a Manos the Hands of Fate vibe, too.

2. WRK


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WRK Instagram

WRK is a New York-based men’s fashion brand whose pieces are modern and minimal, with a focus on functionality. These suave WRK pants worn by Skip Marley at Global Citizen Live are made in a soft knit fabric in a sophisticated tapered fit but provide the comfort and mobility of sweat pants. These pants can work for both a dressed-up or casual look on the streets of the Big Apple this spring.

3. Off_White


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Off-White Instagram

Known for its graphic prints that embody the spirit of asphalt and concrete, is the brand Off-White. They offer oversized shirts and hoodies, which are perfect for layering during the cooler months, and lighter than air shirts that will work for balmy spring weather. This salient blend of Haute couture and street cred shown above is Off-White’s “arrows” shirt.

4.  Kirsteinfineart


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Kirsteinfineart Instagram

Kirsteinfineart merges street-style clothing and accessories with fine art for a style that makes a strong statement. And whether you want their stylish party shoes or a splashy urban tee that’s on point for just hanging out curbside, this is the brand for you.

5.  Ambush

Ambush Workshop via Facebook

Totes and crossbodies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of men’s street style fashion, but Ambush is definitely helping them catch on. Ambush’s take on the trend is unique, polished, and forward-thinking, yet their clothes still manage to remain grounded and wearable.

6. Y/Project


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Y/Project Instagram

Y/Project is a brand that’s known for its deconstructed and experimental designs. They feature items like braided, chunky sweaters and ultramodern regular fit jeans that have cuffs and stylish cutouts galore. We love how they’ve layered corduroy trousers, dress shirt and long jacket that photographer Markus Pritzi captured for posterity in the picture above.

7. Vetements


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Vetements Instagram

Vetements is known for its avant-garde and out-of-the-box street-inspired designs. They also feature one-of-a-kind details that set it apart from other brands. For instance, their cover-up mask creations are a call out to the unique cover-up mask that Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. Vetement’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection is dead on street style and will be featured on the rapper and stylist Travis Scott’s Instagram on @travisscott.

8. Palm Angels


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Palm Angels Instagram

Palm Angels exude street style in everything they create. The men’s and women’s brand is known for their laid-back California aesthetic, and this essence definitely comes through in Palm Angels’ pieces. Anything from their bomber jackets to their edgy sprayed t-shirts screams urban chic.

9. Brain Dead


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Brain Dead Instagram

Last but not least, we have the street-style king—Brain Dead. The brand is synonymous with streetwear, and its pieces are coveted by celebrities and fashionistas alike. This season, Brain Dead has announced its collaboration with Italian Sportswear icon Sergio Tacchini, whose tennis-inspired looks will be featured on headbands, socks and all items in between.

So, there you have it—ten brands that exemplify street style fashion for men. What are your thoughts on street-style fashion for men? Do you have a favorite brand that embodies this look? Let us know in the comments below!

About W.R.K

W.R.K is a New York City-based menswear collection founded in 2011 by designer Matteo Gottardi. Born from his belief that clothing is one of the most valuable tools an individual has when approaching everyday life, the garments reflect his philosophy of purposeful design which bridges functionality with aesthetics where neither aspect is compromised but rather both work together. An acronym for Work. Rest. Karma, W.R.K is available at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and other fine retailers nationwide.

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