How To Design Hair Salon On A Budget

People will always need a place to make themselves feel better, especially during difficult situations like what the world is facing now. Destressing and feeling beautiful are the things one can do to keep stressors at bay.

That’s why businesses like spas and beauty salons flourish despite the world’s dire state. Hair salons are always full everywhere you go. For many who want to start a business, this is your chance if you love everything connected to beauty.

But if this would be your first venture in the business world, opening a hair salon on a budget is recommended to test the waters. And if you’re successful, a string of hair salons under your name may well be underway.

The design of a hair salon is crucial to its success. It’s imperative to consider the cost of the materials you’re going to use because it’ll dictate the profitability of your business in the first few years. To help you out, here’s how you can design a hair salon on a budget:

  1. Buy Furniture From A Reputable Supplier

Sure, you can buy furniture anywhere. But getting it from a reputable and certified salon furniture supplier will make more sense since they offer high-quality furniture that’ll last and withstand constant use. A supplier like Concept Salon Furniture and others has a wide range of salon furniture, including salon chairs, mirrors, stools, storage, display units, wash points, dryers, processors, and beauty and manicure tables.

The furniture they offer is from established brands with years of experience manufacturing superior salon furniture. You can be sure that the furniture will last for many years and you won’t need to spend on a replacement. Additionally, they offer a manufacturer’s warranty. This is another testament to their confidence in the products they offer.

  1. Repurpose Old Furniture

Aside from buying pieces of furniture, it’d also be more cost-effective to repurpose your old furniture and use it in your salon. If you have an old couch, refurbishing it to make it look as good as new to use as a couch in the waiting room will be a great idea instead of buying a new one.

Old bookcases can be transformed into lovely retail shelves to display your products near the cash register. Even an old ugly armchair can become glam statement seating, and old shutters can be upcycled to become cabinets to store your salon materials.

Repurposing your furniture will give your salon a nice eclectic vibe. Not only will it be cost-effective, but it’ll also be more sustainable.

A guy getting a hair cut from a girl in a hair salon

  1. Use LED Lighting

Lighting is essential in a salon. Keeping the salon’s interior well-lit while attending to a customer is crucial. One of the highest expenses a salon incurs is utilities. Utilizing fixtures that reduce this could benefit your salon in the long haul. LED lighting will lower your electricity costs, thereby increasing your bottom line.

The energy efficiency of LED lights is already proven compared to traditional lightbulbs. LED lights can reduce electricity costs by 80%, and their lifespan is much longer. Replacing them won’t be something you have to think about often.

  1. Use Plants For Décor

Instead of buying expensive decorations, why not use ornamental plants to decorate your salon? They’re inexpensive and will elevate the aesthetic of your space. Plants also clean the air around, reduce stress, improve creativity, boost mood and concentration, and give the area a more calming vibe. Both your customers and staff will benefit from the presence of plants.

  1. Locate Wash Area Near Water Source

Your salon’s wash area should be near the water source since moving it further away could cost you more in fitting the pipes. As much as possible, try to locate it in an area that’s easily accessible.

  1. Put The Register And Retail Area Together

To maximize the space of your salon, putting the register and retail beside each other will be more efficient. It’ll also be easier to offer clients the products your salon provides, and upselling will be a breeze.

  1. Measure Each Styling Unit Carefully

Each styling unit should have a space of 1.5 meters to allow the stylist to work comfortably. Measuring each styling unit carefully will let you maximize the space of your salon. If there’s an extra area, you may dedicate it to another income-generating platform like a product display station.


Designing a hair salon on a budget is possible. Planning it very well at the onset will guarantee you achieve a space that’ll encourage customers to go in and avail of your services without breaking the bank. Doing this will also ensure you can make profits in a shorter period.

Acquiring furniture from a reputable supplier and the other things mentioned will help you achieve the salon of your dreams. Consider the ideas here as you plan and prepare.

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