How to Make the Most of Intimate Phone Conversations

If you have plans to get intimate over the phone with your significant other, you can do quite a few different things to make the most of the conversation and have a great time.

In fact, you can have so much fun that you decide to continue having these intimate phone conversations with your partner as often as possible. 

Man on intimate phone call
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1. Set the Mood

You will enjoy the phone intimacy a bit more if you set the mood.

Turn the television off, go to a dark room, and close the door. Get comfortable, turn the lights off, and simply relax in your bed while under the covers.

Although music is optional, you might not want to have it on when you are trying to talk on the phone because it could make it harder for you to hear what your partner is saying to you.

2. Avoid the Distractions

Do not let certain distractions get in the way of your conversation.

Make sure to turn the notifications off from the phone to avoid hearing them in your ear when you are trying to talk.

If someone is calling you on the other line, do not answer. You might even want to turn the ringer off to the house phone if you have one to avoid any potential interruptions.

3. Talk in a Calm and Sexy Tone

You can immediately get your partner in the mood by talking in a tone that sounds so calm and sexy.

Most people will talk in a lower tone when they are trying to have phone sex with one another.

While this is a good idea, you do need to make sure that the person on the other line can easily hear what you are saying. If you want to practice then you can refer to sites that offer phone chat services.

4. Do Not Talk Too Fast

Even if you normally talk quite fast in your everyday life, you should slow it down a bit for these intimate moments. You want your partner to hear every word that is coming out of your mouth.

And, there is no need to rush when you are having such a good time.

How to Make the Most of Intimate Phone Conversations
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5. Think of Your Significant Other

Take control of the topic of your conversation by mentioning all the things you would love to do with your significant other.

Avoid talking about things that are not sexy, such as the tasks you had to complete at work. Stay on the right topic to have the best time.

6. Have a Good Time Without Turning It Into a Joke

When you are being intimate with a person on the phone, there is no time to joke around.

Even if your partner says something that you think is a bit funny or ridiculous, you should try to avoid laughing because that could easily kill the mood.

7. Pleasure Yourself While Talking to Your Partner

It is completely normal for people to masturbate while engaging in phone sex conversations.

If you are pleasuring yourself with your hands or with one of the many toys that are often used in the bedroom, tell your partner what you are doing.

You will give him or her a visual idea of all the naughty things you are doing at the moment.

Never be afraid to express yourself and all the things you would love to do to your partner if you were both in a room together. Having phone sex is not as challenging as you might think and it is something that you can truly enjoy.

How to Enjoy Phone Intimacy When You Are Shy

Just because you are a relatively shy person does not mean you cannot get intimate on the phone with your partner.

Not sure how to get things started even though you want to talk dirty?

You can start things off on the right foot by sending a sexy text message to your partner. The goal is to get your partner’s attention and to let him or she know what you would like to do.

For example, you could say, “If only we were together right now, I would do all kinds of naughty things to you.” It is going to get your partner thinking about those naughty things, ultimately putting him or her in the mood, too.

You can always drop a few hints to get your partner to understand what it is that you would like to do.

You could tell your partner that you have had him or her on your mind or that you had a naughty dream and woke up wishing that your partner was in the room with you.

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