What Is An Open Relationship: A Complete Guide

As we all know that every relationship has its own value and boundaries but here, I am going to talk about an open relationship which means having more than one, romantic and sexual partner at a time.

Sounds weird, but yes, some people like to have open relationships and I believe that they are not satisfied with their partner and don’t give proper time to their partner. An open relationship is an arrangement where both parties agree is non-exclusive or non-monogamous.

Let me first clear you the exact meaning of non-monogamous which exactly means that having one partner but having sex with other people as well.

You need to consider some important things to enter into an an-consensual non-monogamous relationship.

  • Your sexual health.
  • Your boundaries towards your partner.
  • Use your words wisely.
  • You can stop at any time.
  • Accept that jealousy will happen and it’s normal.

Open relationships are nowadays quite common. As the research reveals the fact that most of the US adults who are in a relationship, 23 percent say their current relationship is non-monogamous. On the other hand, 12 percent of US adults say that they have engaged in sexual activity with the consent of their main romantic partner.

A couple in a open relationship

There are many other names for open relationships which are written in upcoming fragments.

The very first is consensual non-monogamy. Also, polyamory also referred to as an open relationship. They are the relationships in which both partners can pursue sex and emotional attachments with some other people.

Is it also considered as same as cheating?

In open relationships, cheating is considered unethical. In open relationships people have agreements that having sex or having emotional attachment with other people is okay.

“It always forces folks to really identify what their desires and needs are” says McNeil.

How to have an open relationship?

If you are completely addicted to your partner and you want the freedom to have a sexual or emotional attachment elsewhere. Then you can have an open relationship with other people.

Firstly, you need to set boundaries and parameters for it. This does not mean your partner can disregard them. If you agreed on boundaries that do not mean that you and your partner are not set-in-stone. Secondly, remaining open and honest is, therefore essential because an open relationship is not the same as having an affair or keep secrets from.

Additionally, communication is always the key factor in every relationship. An epitome of this is that you can freely ask your partner to use protection while having sex else that only one other sexual partner is allowed at one time. It is very important to be open and honest in an open relationship.

Signs that an open relationship is a problem

Not everybody understands what open relationships are. Also, it can lead to many problems which can destroy your relationship with your romantic partner. The main sign is that your boundaries are crossed and one partner becomes dishonest. Moreover, both partners become jealous or uncomfortable.

Benefits of having an open relationship

Well! Excess of everything is bad but if you do things in some limits it can lead to positive way.

So, an open relationship has some pros which are like having the freedom to explore more and different sides of yourself. Additionally, you can have more sexual and exciting new experiences which put some joy in your daily life and you can pursue new interests and experiences. Eventually, you do not have pressure for one person to fulfill all of their partner’s demands and needs.

Drawbacks of having an open relationship

We all know that if a thing has a good side and for sure it has a bad side too. So, we have to think and work accordingly. While having an open relationship you have a risk of sexually transmitted infection which is known as AIDS and also, has a risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

The other con of this is jealousy which can destroy your complete life and issues with self-esteem.

Why people choose an open relationship?

A lot of times the open relationship is taken because a lot of people are unable to find completeness from one partner for their emotional needs and therefore, they engage with multiple personalities in their quest for answers.

An open relationship can take many forms also, it has risks. Many people like to engage in swinging which is a structured recreational activity where the context of a swing or club with other like-mind people. Some people also have hundred-miles rules and it happens in families where the relationship is such that as long as you are far from home and you can have sex with other people under some conditions.

Furthermore, there are people who are polyamorous which means they engage in more than one stable, long-term relationship committed at the same time.

Final thoughts of open relationship

There is no problem having an open relationship but until unless if your partner allows you. You need to spend time with your partner and talk about these things openly and honestly and only begin when you both are ready. The open relationship is not for everyone also it does not show a lack of maturity.

In the end, be honest with yourself and your partner.

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