How To Select The Right Hair Curler

Luscious beachy waves to tighter curls, a hair curler can produce multiple beautiful hairstyles. However, the wrong curling iron can turn those waves into a bad hair day.

So, to ensure you don’t look like an extra in an 80s movie, you must select the right hair curler. From the barrel size to the extra features, everything matters in selecting the perfect wand to do its magic the way you want it to.

Choosing a hair curler can be confusing with so many options available but knowing the type of results you want could prove extremely useful in making the right decision. To make things easier for you, here are some tips for selecting the right hair curler:

Find The Right Barrel Size

The barrel size of the curling iron has a major impact on the type of curl produced. If you are looking for smaller and tighter curls, a skinnier wand would be ideal for it, but if you want bigger curls, the size should be bigger.

Larger curls create a more casual and voluminous look that can be created using a barrel that is around 1 to 2 inches thick. Tighter ringlets can be created with a barrel that is around 0.75 inches thick.

Expert Tip:

  • If you have thinner hair, go for a smaller barrel to create tighter curls. These curls go well with thinner hair, even if they start loosening up by the end of the day. Loose curls with a larger barrel won’t stay for long on thin hair.
  • If you have thicker hair, go for a larger barrel to create bigger curls. These curls look great and stay longer on thicker hair.

guy with curly hair

Identify The Material

The material of the curling iron must also be considered as some materials might be better for your hair texture than others. Hair curlers are mostly made with the following materials:

  • Ceramic: It heats pretty fast and is suitable for all types of hair. It also ensures a consistent temperature on the barrel that provides a smoother glide.
  • Tourmaline: It provides amazing results at lower temperatures. It also produces negative ions that help smoothen the cuticle of your hair, reduce frizz, and produces shiny hair. This is ideal for fine hair.
  • Titanium: It is a mist durable and lightweight curling iron. It produces uniform heating and can even easily curl coarse hair. It is suitable for unruly, coarse, and thick hair.

You can select the curling iron based on the material of the barrel surface. There are also curling irons that are made from combined materials, like titanium-tourmaline and ceramic-tourmaline.

Assess The Features

Every hair curler offers multiple features, including a stand that prevents the iron from falling, a heat protection case, a clamp to keep the ends of your hair in place, automatic heat turn off to ensure the iron switches off when not being used.

Determine which features are a must-have for you. You can also compare a few irons to select the one that has most of the features you want.

Splurge For Additional Features

Your hair deserves the best hair tools, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little for extra features you might need. Some of the additional features you can consider include:

  • Quicker heating – so you don’t have to waste your time waiting for the iron to heat up
  • Easy usage – this can either be a long cord that allows you to move around freely and adjustable temperature to protect your hair, ergonomic design to make curling your hair easier
  • Heat protection cover – so you can travel with your hair curler safely
  • Sleep mode – to automatically turn off the heating to avoid any accidents

A curling iron can be your hair’s best friend if you choose it right. The ideal wand can ensure you experiment with different styles safely and ensure your hair looks fabulous every day. With a range of options available in the market, it can get a bit confusing to determine which one is right for you. However, you can use these tips to make an informed buying decision.

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