How To Spot Fake Friends

In the 21st era, people have become so mean. They only do what they want or what they think. They forget the relationship with the other person. In this world, we spend much of our time with our friends. At different age groups, we make friends.

I believe that friends are those who are your backbone no matter what and real friends are those who ensure that you are not in danger. It is perhaps more important than ever to learn how to spot fake friends.

Without having the advantages of body language sometimes face to face talks to give us important clues about people. Spotting fake friends can be problematic. It is important that the multitudes know the difference between real friends and fake ones.

Sometimes, we choose to hang onto even knowing they do not provide the support we need. We do this because we shared so many things with them. We always protect our hearts from pain but the fake friends come in different shapes and sizes. Judging them can lead to heartbrokenness.

I have been an extrovert my entire life. So, I believe that we do not have enough time for fake friendships.

In this world, no one is perfect. Everyone works according to their perception. Including myself and other friends might have traits that are less desirable than others. However, we should be able to trust the real ones and to feel some kind of caring and love from them. A real friend always uplifts your personality.

Friends are of usually two types :

1) Foul 
2) Fair 

# Foul – Foul friends are those friends who pamper you a lot but do nothing in real. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. For the moment, they gave you the shoulder to cry on. Moreso, they are the ones who seem closest to you when your life is going to hell.

# Fair – Fair friends are those who are very flexible in every situation. They celebrate your success and cheer you up. No matter what they only want your company as well. Additionally, they are good listeners too.

Spotting fake friends :

Meanwhile a difficult task itself but If your ‘friend’ is constantly gossiping to you about other friends and talk about the wrong things, definitely, it’s a given they will be gossiping about you too. Fake friends always do such kind of things.

According to me spotting fake friends can be judged by upcoming fragments.

# Fake friends are those friends who don’t listen to you and they always bring you down by saying ‘no’ in every work of yours. That means they don’t want you to work pretty well. They just cause interruption.

# Fake friends never accept the real you. They are with you just according to the needs and wants as a nuisance.

# Fake friends always have a jealousy factor. As they disappear when someone “more interesting” shows up. rather than uplifting you up.

# They stop talking easily when you have a disagreement and they also stop hanging out with you when you say ‘no’ to them. Because their friendship is conditional.

# They do not help you in achieving goals. They only distract you by some materialistic things or ask you to go and hang out with them.

# Your friendship is totally conditional. We all have normal boundaries that one should not allow people to cross, but conditions are totally different. This kind of friendship bond has nothing to do with your character and moreover, everything to do with appearances.

# When your other friends are around fake friends act differently. They pretend a lot in public as they care more, they like you in private and they are nice to you when you are alone.

# They are quite selfish and mean. They always thrive on gossip and drama. They simply believe that they are more superior to you.

# Fake friends lie and furthermore, they are quite critical. That means they are not supportive and encouraging. Fake ones do not feel good about who they are and their goals and possession.

# They are the ones who only ever react to your prompts and don’t suggest meeting up. but waits for you to make the first move. They become envious easily.

# Fake friends don’t compromise in every situation. They are the ones who have to have things their way.

# Fake friends don’t celebrate your success. They smile through gritted teeth and congratulate you with a backhanded compliment which is not reality itself.

# They are the ones who never ask how are you. The simple talk about their things means they are so self-interested.

# Fake ones always seem to want something from you whether it is about money, your career opportunities, free rides to many places, and relief from boredom.

To conclude, I believe that fake people do not result in healthy friendships. They have different mentality and protocols. As they struggle with selfishness, jealousy, and insecurities that keep them from being a true friend. So, if you want to be good friends try to maintain a healthy relationship.

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