Joint vs. Blunt: Everything You Need to Know

In the world of cannabis, there are many classic conundrums. Should you smoke Indica or Sativa? Is vaping better than smoking? Are glass bongs preferable to plastic?

But one of the most enduring discussions about cannabis products is the joint vs blunt debate. If you’re confused about the difference between what these are and which one you should choose, read on and find out more.

What Are Joints?

Joints are one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis in the world. The principle behind joints is quite simple. If you’re familiar with rolling your own cigarettes, the process is very similar.

You need three basic components to roll a joint. You’ll need rolling papers, some kind of filter, and of course, cannabis or marijuana. Generally, people make joints with larger rolling papers. Rolling papers are generally tasteless, but you can sometimes get rolling papers that are flavored.

In some cases, joints might contain tobacco, but sometimes they’re pure cannabis. Whether or not a joint contains tobacco or not depends heavily on the region.

For example, in the UK, people used to smoke a lot of imported hash rather than cannabis buds. It isn’t really possible to make joints out of pure hash, so people used a mix of hash and tobacco.

Despite the wide availability of cannabis bud or marijuana, people in the UK continue to use tobacco in joints. On the other hand, in North America, using tobacco in joints is much less common.

Some regions may have specific names for a joint that uses tobacco. For example, in some places, they might call a tobacco joint a spliff.

What Are Blunts?

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If blunts are the cannabis version of cigarettes, then blunts are more like a cigar. In fact, many smokers make blunts by purchasing a cigar or cigarillo and removing the tobacco inside, and replacing it with cannabis.

You can also purchase dedicated “blunt wraps,” which negates the need to empty the tobacco out of a cigar. The main thing that sets blunts apart from joints is that the wrap adds more flavor to the cannabis.

Using a hollowed-out cigar adds a distinctive taste, and if you choose to use a blunt wrap, they generally come in various flavors.

Some blunts may be different or comparable in size to a joint, but some blunts can be particularly large. This means that you may need more cannabis on hand if you want to roll a good blunt.

Why Choose Joints?

One of the big reasons that you might choose to smoke joints instead of blunts is because joints are cheaper. Smoking weed is by no means a cheap activity, so it makes sense to try and save money where you can.

You can purchase a pack of 50 rolling papers for less than a dollar, and you can make the filters out of the cardboard from the packaging.

Another reason and difference that you might choose joints instead of blunts is that joints are a bit easier to roll. Blunt wraps tend to be more fragile than rolling papers, so you’re more likely to break them during the rolling process.

On top of that, a blunt wrap is much more expensive than rolling papers. If you break a blunt wrap, you’ve probably lost more money than if you’d bought an entire pack of rolling papers.

If you mess up rolling a joint, it’s not a big deal. You can simply pull out another paper and try again. In fact, it might make sense to learn how to roll joints before you try to roll blunts since there’s a bit more of a learning curve to rolling blunts.

Joints are also the right choice if you want to taste the unadulterated flavors of your cannabis. While you can get flavored papers if you want, most rolling papers are virtually flavorless.

Why Choose Blunts?

There are also some compelling reasons and difference why you might decide to smoke a blunt. One of the big reasons that people prefer blunts to joints is because of the flavor. Using a cigar wrap or a tailor-made blunt wrap gives your cannabis a very distinctive flavor.

If you’re someone who likes those flavor profiles, smoking a joint just isn’t going to cut it.

If you want something that will burn for a long time, blunts are also a good option. Generally, blunts burn slower than joints. You can also roll a blunt to be much fatter. If you’re smoking with a large group of people, it might make more sense to pass around a blunt than a joint.

While blunts do have some disadvantages, there are ways of getting around them. For example, if you want the flavor of smoking a blunt, but you don’t want to smoke that much cannabis, you might consider mixing the weed with CBD weed – this is a weed that doesn’t have very much of a psychoactive effect.

You can even buy pre-rolled CBD blunts from many dispensaries that won’t get you high but have that distinctive blunt flavor. You might have questions. How much terpenes are in a CBD pre-roll? Or, how much do these cost compared to regular blunts? A budtender at your local cannabis dispensary will be able to answer all of these questions.

Joints vs Blunts It’s Down to Preference

At the end of the day, both blunt and joint are a great and fairly similar way to get high. As long as you use good quality bud, you’re sure to enjoy smoking whether you choose joints vs blunts.

If you’re not sure which one you prefer, why not give both of them a try? If you’re not very good at rolling, you could always buy some pre-rolled joint or blunt. Always consider your medical history before making any decisions.

Marijuana And Paper Spliffs

The difference between marijuana, weed, not much. A paper spliff is also known as a joint. People like to have paper spliffs with good food. Spliff is a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. Spliffs use regular joint paper. Spliff is most common in Europe. It is best to avoid paper spliff as it contains tobacco that is linked with cancer. The word spliff originated in Jamaica and West Indies.

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